Games are tearing please help

  exoclap 19:26 26 Jun 2015

Hello everyone I have a really quick question. Yesterday i bought myself mass effect 1. I checked system requirements on game debate because i have a really bad computer and i wanted to make sure that i can run this game. I bought it on steam summer sale. On game debate it says that my computer is powerful enough to handle mass effect 1. So i bought it downloaded it and installed it. But when i got into the game i got screen tearing like my computer could not run this game it was really laggy and choppy. Camera moved really slow like the game was in slow motion. I reduced that game graphics. It helped a little bit but i still got huge amount of this. When i'm in game i only get 20 fps when there is action and people are shooting my fps falls to 14-16. I don't know what should i do. Is this problem with my monitor ? Because its pretty old... I would appreciate if you guys could respond My PC specs are: 4 GB RAM Intel core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 2.40 Ghz 64 bit operating system Ati radeon HD 4650 Let me know if you guys need anything else. TNX !

  Devil Fish 22:11 27 Jun 2015

click here used to use this site a lot for sys requirements when i was running mid range would suspect you are close to min requirements on game which is never good as it does not give a lot of scope for tweaking

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