Game for Xmas....ideas please?

  Twinmummy 12:35 23 Nov 2017

Hi all, I’m looking for a bit of advice. My partner has asked for a game for Xmas. He has an Xbox 360 (which he hasn’t had time to play since having our children!!) and used to enjoy playing games like Command and Conquer and Borderlands. Any ideas what might suit him? I haven’t got a clue!!!

  wee eddie 23:59 23 Nov 2017

If I were you, I'd offer to take him to lunch and, at the end, say. "Now we're going to chose your present together". And trip into the local branch of Game or the Retailer of your choice.

  Menzie 01:06 24 Nov 2017

The Xbox 360 has been succeeded as a result going into a place like Game, you will only see a tiny section dedicated to it. Chances are most titles they carry will be second hand.

An Xbox voucher might be best. That way your partner can buy a game of their choice from the store particularly now when good sales are on.

  Forum Editor 13:01 25 Nov 2017

He might like this. It was voted 'as near to perfection as it gets' by one expert reviewer.

  BradPitt_ 07:49 02 Dec 2017

Last Christmas, We played "Ornament Guess" game.

A great way to start your Christmas party with guests, and guess how many ornaments are on your tree.

This game is a very easy to set up and you can declare the winner and give a small prize if you did like.

  big_junior 19:43 14 Dec 2017

If he likes 'Borderlands', maybe he would also like 'Doom (2016)'.

Personally, I'm big fan of that serial, and the latest instance didn't disappoint my expectations. On the contrary, it granted me many exiting hours of playing.

  Forum Editor 18:25 02 Apr 2018

The advice was needed before Christmas - that ship sailed over three months ago.

  Daperlemon 08:31 03 Apr 2018

It is a little bit early for Xmas, isn't it? It is very sweet of you. Battlegrounds is also a nice option.

  Govan1x 20:47 03 Apr 2018

It is a little bit early for Xmas,

Bit to late for last Xmas though.

Maybe you should have looked at the date it was posted.November 2017.

Its normally spammers that open old threads.

  john bunyan 21:26 03 Apr 2018

Also I thought the “C” word is embargoed until ~ Dec 1?

  Forum Editor 22:43 03 Apr 2018

Not if you're a Time Lord, like me.

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