In-game recording best options on a PC?

  Banir 11:31 09 Nov 2014

Hi, Banir here,

I'm seeking advice on best options for recording in-game video play, on such wide variety of games as 'Watch dogs; Planetside 2; Call of Duty; Team Fortress 2' and lots of others. I use Steam account to hold and launch my games from. I want to buy a best package for recording the in-game play and then I want to buy best editing software to edit these recordings and post up to my youtube account for sharing amongst my friends.

Please point me in the best direction as to what will give great results, cheers.

  Devil Fish 22:57 16 Nov 2014

this may be what your looking forclick here as for editing that can be done in windows movie maker which is free

  mrwoowoo 04:14 17 Nov 2014

All most everyone who plays BF4, and has an Nvidia card uses shadow play to record their gameplay to post on Youtube. It causes no slow down, and is absolutely free.

  joshhusbands 14:48 18 Nov 2014

Well from personal experience of recording PC gameplay, I use OBS. Yes it is typically known for being streaming software but it's done a good job of recording for me too and it's not bad quality (I can show you some of my videos if you want an example of the video quality if you like) also it's free so thats a bonus and you don't get ridiculously huge files afterwards. If you decide against OBS though then there is the commonly used ones such as Fraps and dxtory which i can't say i know a lot about but they are popular so might be worth doing some research on them

For editing software dear God stay away from anything free especially windows movie maker. For the best package in terms of editing you either are going to want to use Sony Vegas or Adobe Premier pro. They will need a fair bit of practice and playing to get to grips with them but they are what a lot of people use at the top

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