in game Mic

  kalignorgna 13:39 08 Jul 2008

I've just got a pair of creative fa1lity headphones I know mt mic works as tested in sound recorder but how do u get it workin in games like cod4 and the like?

  wolfie3000 17:10 08 Jul 2008

Not sure on COD4 but for other games you need a program to talk to others in the game,

A program used by many online gamers is Teamspeak,
I use it often when playing online games.

click here

Depending on which game server you are on you will need to know the servers teamspeak server, this can be found by either chatting to the guys in the game or sometimes the server owner will have a forum with the Teamspeak server listed.

If your hosting your own games then you will need to setup your own Teamspeak server, which is pretty simple then all you need to do is let others in the game server know.

Hope this helps.

  kalignorgna 08:40 09 Jul 2008

thanks wolfie will downloaded the program, will try it tonight and see if it works

  kalignorgna 08:41 09 Jul 2008

ment have downloaded

  kalignorgna 09:00 10 Jul 2008

just woundered if u know of any good servers to get me started on Teamspeak

  kalignorgna 15:37 14 Jul 2008

does anyone know of any free servers for Teamspeak looked at one server the other day that was sugested by some people on cod4 but costs a bit to use and I dont like the idea of spending monny just to use a server to speek to people in game

  Spook Tooth 17:19 15 Jul 2008

Another VOIP (Voice over IP) program used by gamers is Ventrilo, click here.

Must say I never got around to using a standalone solution myself. I normally just use the one in game (if at all).

If you're playing as part of a (tightly knit) squad, having voice comms. can really make the difference. It helps to keep players focussed and playing together for specific objectives, and of course provides a warning system if there are unspotted enemies near by.

In Battlefield 2, you can use the in game VOIP to talk to squad mates, if the server you're on supports it or during screen, there may be an address listed for either Teamspeak or Ventrilo servers run by the game host. I've not used these yet but understand they're a superior solution as you can chat away without having to hold down a key etc. Communication is what it's all about! :)

  crosstrainer 15:03 16 Jul 2008

Only use it on flight simx, and the link is alway's there in the breifing room before you join the session. Not sure about COD4 and other games, but maybe a look on the official site might help?

click here

Hope this helps

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