Game crashing while launching help

  Coskun3169 00:39 07 Aug 2018

So after i reinstalled my windows a few week ago i got this weird issue. First when i tried to start my game it had missing dlls, now i have fixed that issue but another issue has popped up where my game crashes in about 5 seconds while launching, i dont get an error either. I realy need help with this i’ve had this problem for weeks now

  Forum Editor 15:16 07 Aug 2018

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  KEITH 1955 21:51 17 Oct 2018

what is your op sys , if it is windows 10 should the game be able to run , I have some very old games that run perfect on 10 but I also have some that I had to install the launcher using compatability mode.

to give a better reply you need to give more details such as machine spec and games your trying to run.

  danica18 10:03 19 Oct 2018

Hi, I we have the same problem. it started when i updated my Win8.1 to win10 most of my Game crashing while launching it. i need your help how to fix this. Thank you...

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  KEITH 1955 23:26 21 Oct 2018

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  irakisaml 08:36 23 Oct 2018

just update the latest version may be that's work for you

  irakisaml 08:39 23 Oct 2018

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  cooper Theory 06:22 07 Jan 2019

I am also facing the same problems while launching games in asus mobiles. I need help,

  KEITH 1955 11:54 07 Jan 2019

TO COSKUN3169 :-

A lot of people are trying to help you but you are giving us the information we require. So to recap....

How did you fix missing dll's What games are crashing ? What op sys do you have. Have you looked at any error reports in reliability monitor.

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