G15 Logitech Gaming Keyboard

  morgueman 16:20 02 Jul 2008

Hello all,
been thinking about getting the G15 logitech gaming keyboard and the G5 gamimg mouse, if the wife lets me!
The problem i have is with the keyboard. The older version has 18 'G' keys down the left hand side, all of which can be programmed for quick one stroke keys while playing games. The newer version, the V2, onlt has 6 'G' keys down the left hand side! so my question is, are you losing out on the keys getting the newer version? would really appreciate any help with this'


  RobCharles1981 18:14 02 Jul 2008

I got the Version 2 and G5 Mouse they work well together.

You won't be loosing out the less keys anyway!

Good luck


  morgueman 18:44 02 Jul 2008

Hello Rob,
where did you get your keyboard and mouse from? I cant find them in any shops where i live so may have to buy them on line?

  crosstrainer 07:35 03 Jul 2008

Available from good old Amazon....Not sure about the price though, as I have enough trouble with the key's I have now, without adding any more to the mix :))

click here

  kalignorgna 15:26 03 Jul 2008

the G5 mouse has got to be one of the best gaming mice that you can buy gota love the dpi it offers, getin my self one of these from scan at end of mouth. don't know much about the keyboard though

  RobCharles1981 15:32 03 Jul 2008




click here

G5 Mouse

click here

Good Luck!

  morgueman 10:36 04 Jul 2008

Been looking at the G5 mouse now, what are the two buttons on top for, the + and - ones, also, does it have right/left click buttons, because looking at pictures of it, i cant see any lines to show if it does, or am i just being thick?

  kalignorgna 10:54 04 Jul 2008

yes it has right/left click buttons if you look at the pic there is a middle scroll button with the + and - buttons and on ether side is the design wich hides the right/left click buttons under the skin. also there are two thumb buttons and a sprint button (runin stickman figure) the total button count is 7 most of which can be configered to user desires.

  kalignorgna 10:57 04 Jul 2008

oh also check out
click here

G5 code is LN18709 G15 code is LN20543

  morgueman 11:13 04 Jul 2008

Thanks for that Kalignorgna, just have to work on the wife the get both the mouse and keyboard!
Any ideas for a good mouse pad? Seen Razer eXactMax Speed, that looks ok?

  disasterdave 09:47 05 Jul 2008

forget the g5 go for the g7, i've had it now since it came out and it's a wicked mouse

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