Full spectrum warrior, now FREE!!!

  wolfie3000 10:33 08 Oct 2008

Yep its now being given away for free,
The graphics are stunning and if you like games like C.O.D. then this is a must.

Website, click here

Gameplay video, click here

Download, click here

Its a bit of a big download (1.61GB) but looks awesome.

Maybe the PCA team can put it on a cover disk sometime in the future.

  retep888 11:26 08 Oct 2008

You're always lightning fast on these,nice,like it.

  Kevscar1 18:27 08 Oct 2008

You can also get it here

click here

+ a lot more

  roddypoddy 20:03 08 Oct 2008

Thanks for the Gamershell link,been trying the filefront one with no luck.

  brundle 14:04 09 Oct 2008

Thanks to you both..off to download

  RickyC :-) 15:37 09 Oct 2008

As always, your wish is our command - space-permitting I'll get the installer on a future DVD.

On a similar note - have any forum users come across Entropia Universe (click here)? It's a completely free MMO game which has no subscription charges but offers users a chance to earn real money by playing online. We've included the client (a 1.4GB file) on the DVD with the December issue of PC Advisor - so when your copies drop through the letterbox, we're keen to hear from you. Let us know whether you're an online gamer - if you prefer FPS, MMORPGs or any other genre of game - and we'll do our best to cover these topics on the site and in the magazine.

Software Editor

  wolfie3000 00:11 10 Oct 2008

Thanks Software Ed,

Iv checked out Entropia Universe and it looks like what second life should have been,

Saying that though i expect if Entropia Universe gets as popular as Second life then big business will exploit it as they did with second life.

Seems alot of people are comparing Entropia Universe with World of warcraft, but i don't see it myself.

Anyway il give Entropia Universe a go, the graphics look stunning but that for me doesn't make a game.

  wolfie3000 08:29 11 Oct 2008

When i said "the graphics look stunning but that for me doesn't make a game." how right i was.

Words cant describe how bad this game is.

First problem was registering an account for the game, i had to wait 5 hours for a confirmation e-mail and got nothing, so i tryed the old trick of forgotten my password, yes that worked i didnt get a confirmation e-mail but i got a changed my password e-mail.

Go figure.

Ok so i logged into the game and spend a few minutes designing my character which as it happens is very limited so all newbies look like clones.

Once in game the true horror of this game was revealed, the controls are in the wrong places, by default you walk at a snails pace and have to hold the R button down to move at any speed, you can only look in the same direction as the character so your field of view is limited, the HUD is so confusing it took me an hour to work out how to look at my inventory.

There is no jump button so even stepping up onto a kerb is impossible, when you start out in the world your presented with alot of shops selling cool stuff like guns clothes ect but you have no money so you cant buy anything,

A clever ploy by the game creators for you to spend real money.

So all in all steer clear of this game at all costs, iv seen alot of bad games in my time but this one was the first to make me so upset i nearly threw my keyboard across the room in frustration.

Its a shame as the game could have had alot of potential but instead its just a poor game dressed in fancy graphics.

  wolfie3000 08:49 11 Oct 2008

Also Software Ed calling this game a completely free MMO is a bit misleading as to get anywhere in this game you need to spend REAL money on it.

Its alot like Second life, yes the game client is free but in order to enjoy the game you need to buy stuff,

If you really want to play Entropia Universe then keep your credit card handy as you will need it.

With all the real free MMO's out there, it makes no sense to download games like this.

I can understand that companies want to make money for there hard work, i have no problem with that, but when companies make a game like Entropia Universe and second life the players who buy stuff get a major advantage in game over others and all the game boils down to is the player with the most money wins then its not a game anymore, its more a look whos got the biggest bank balance competition.

If game makers want to keep a loyal fan base then they better rethink there way of making games,

Having to spend money for stuff in game will encourage hacking of the game to get the stuff for free, its well known in Second Life and im sure it will happen in Entropia Universe too.

oh well back to some proper gaming for me.

  RickyC :-) 11:58 13 Oct 2008

wolfie3000, the guys at Entropia are keen to receive feedback from PC Advisor members as the covermount is their first major promotion on any UK computing title. See below for some suggestions and news about development that's currently in testing on the graphics engine.

Thanks for your candid feedback. We naturally feel sorry that your experience was not what you expected. Together with our upcoming conversion to the CryENGINE2 graphics engine we hope to address a number of usability issues relating to the initial login experience to Entropia.

That said however, we always recommend new arrivals to take a mentor when beginning. Mentors can be readily found in Port Atlantis, the city in which new arrivals begin, and can provide you with vital information about arriving on Calypso, what to do and sometimes more importantly what not to do.

Entropia is undeniably large and its economy complex, and while item sales are very much part of its economy, it is possible to establish a virtual life on the planet Calypso without ever depositing real funds. The in-built “sweating” option allows new arrivals to get a financial start. There are also employment opportunities available within the community, and a number of users have developed high level avatars without ever depositing. There are no quests in the traditional sense and it is up to each new arrival to choose their own path using their savvy and own ingenuity.

We hope that you’ll give Entropia another look to discover a little more of what’s beneath the surface.
Best Regards

Frank at Entropia Universe

  wolfie3000 02:52 14 Oct 2008

Ok i would like to address a few points that the Entropia Universe team have raised,

First off the mentor system is flawed, as when i asked for any help at all let alone a mentor in game all i got in response was a load of foul abuse from other players, They took great delight in taunting new players.

The first location (port Atlantis) was badly laid out with no clues as to what you had to do, it was alot of guess work.

But i think the worst thing as i mentioned before was the control system, iv polayed alot of games in my time and never came across a control system that was so illogicaly laid out, it was awkward to use and the lack of any jump button was frustrating, any other game uses the space bar as a jump key but the space bar on this game did nothing.

Using words like employment opportunities for a game is not anyones idea of a fun time, games where you either buy stuff with REAL money or have to work twice as hard to get anywhere will put alot of people off, the whole cash system ruins games,

Im not opposed to game makers making money with games such as this but dont do it at the expense of the game play.

I know of several games where you can buy stuff in game with real cash but they found a balance between game play and making money.

One such game is Perfect world, click here
Which uses cubigold in exchange for money, click here

The gamers in Perfect world are not left feeling left out when they dont use real money in the game, they found the right balance.

But games like Entropia Universe and Second life are fantastic ideas, and i would encourage any game maker to make games as diverse and expansive as these, the whole reason i tryed Entropia Universe was the fact the game seemed like a fresh and new idea and i do think it still is but it just needs alot of work.

Sort out the control system, the HUD and the whole cash for gameplay problems and i can see this game being a huge success.

No gamer will play a game where you either have to spend real money or work twice as hard just to play the game, Many of the game players will be in there teens and not have a ready supply of money to hand.

Also try to make the players more customizable from the start so new gamers dont all look like clones, theres nothing worse than looking like a newbie game player when starting out, maybe give the gamer a few clothing options from the start and a few more facial changes.

But all in all the game idea is a fantastic one but with so many flaws i cannot see it gaining a huge fan base and that is what most game makers strive for.

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