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  IClaudio 09:30 01 Feb 2010

No, he hasn't been locked up :)

Tiger Woods Online is a new browser-based game from Electronic Arts now in open Beta. And it's fantastic, raising the bar by several feet.

The graphics are superb, as you'd expect from EA and the controls are easy. Putting though is extremely hard, making it very frustrating when you get on the green well, then take 4 or 5 more to get down. I guess that will come with practice, and I'm sure that, given all the negative comments by player-testers, this will be mightily tweaked in the next release.

There are several American courses to explore, as well as St Andrews Old Course and Wentworth's West.

The best bit is that it is primarily a MMOG featuring Live Tournaments and a world scoring system, though you can play solo if you prefer.

It's free for now, though the rumours say that on final release, it will have paid-for features. I hope that doesn't mean that some people will have super-clubs - you'll notice that I am resisting the temptaion to make the obvious Tiger jokes here :D

click here

  mrwoowoo 00:52 02 Feb 2010

What a great find. Nice one.
Surprised just how good it looks and plays.
First attempt online ( single player ) at Torrey pines, i got 3 birdies in a row. But still ended up +9. )O:!
Some of those putts are killers.
Once registered will the basic game always be free?

  IClaudio 01:08 02 Feb 2010

3 Birdies? You're a star... I've just got my first Birdie after 2 days, quickly followed by yet another Double Bogey :(

Putting is definitely the leveller, I can get on the green in regulation every time, but just can't read the greens. Some say it's easier to use the mouse push/pull (TrueSwing) rather than the 3-click method, haven't tried it yet. And it might help to set the putt at a greater distance than the hole (you can do that where it says Putt on the club selection). But practice makes perfect as in life, I guess!

I can't imagine the game will always be free - I think they'll make a small charge per month, £5 or so...

  mrwoowoo 03:01 02 Feb 2010

Only putt at a greater distance than the hole if it's level or uphill. The arrow behind the hole will usually tell you the incline in inches.
Not tried the TrueSwing on this demo yet although that's the method i used in the past when i played Tiger woods on the PC.

  mrwoowoo 04:23 02 Feb 2010

Whoo hoo! Just went round in par and am now an official member of the course with my course mastery at 22%. Now level 4.

  IClaudio 10:27 02 Feb 2010

You utter utter... bandit :)

I'm still Level 3, and close to Membership of Torrey Canyon, hope to get Lvl 4 today.

But I tend to spend my time in the Daily Tourneys, which aren't good for your morale, necessarily,as I'm always about 700th on the list. But there's some surprisingly adult Chatter which can be very helpful and informative. And it's great when you 'team up' with another player and work your way around the course together.

  IClaudio 15:16 02 Feb 2010

... and I've just noticed that you were writing your post at 4am, <gulp> it is addictive, isn't it?

  mrwoowoo 18:20 02 Feb 2010

"writing your post at 4am"
After finishing nights i tend to slowly ease back into a more sensible bedtime before starting nights all over again.
Only played 3 rounds in single player so far.
Must try the online side of it though.

  IClaudio 00:12 03 Feb 2010

Just finished my first round at Pebble Beach. I don't know if this is EASY for COMPLETE NOOBS, but, although the holes look intimidating, with sea and cliffs all around, I shot a great score (72) and I'm looking forward to becoming a Full Member.

I had an OK-ish earlier round at Torrey Pines, but didn't get me any further than 15%.

Oh well, tomorrow, tomorrow...

  Rigga 17:52 03 Feb 2010

Like it a lot, good graphics, and more realistic controls than the normal windows tiger woods game.

Just completed my first round.

Torrey Pines. Total score -2.

Bah humbug I say, if I hadn't triple bogey'd the par 3 11th it would have been a good round.

BTW. Switch to true swing, the 3 click system is rubbish. With true swing, there's a lot more feel around and on the greens.

Anyone up for a round? R.

  IClaudio 18:32 03 Feb 2010

Sounds good, let's arrange something...

-2 on your first round? Another bandit!

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