Fps,GPU, overlays on games

  martd7 17:51 13 Sep 2018

When watching how games perform on various GPUs and CPUs on YouTube there's an overlay of information about how the GPU and CPU are performing in real time,and FPS,I've seen some of the programs for download like "fraps" that measures just the FPS,can anyone suggest a program to download that does just more than the FPS?


  Old Deuteronomy 10:25 14 Sep 2018

I think MSI Afterburner may be able to do what want and I believe (but not certain) that it will work with other manufacturer's cards. Evga Precision will give you all the GPU stats, if you are using one of their cards but, I don't know if it will work with other cards.

  martd7 13:15 14 Sep 2018

Thanks OD mines an Evga

I will post again when I download it later

  martd7 12:36 15 Sep 2018


I tried the MSI afterburner which comes with Riva tuner both programs work together,I could not get an OSD I followed the tutorial to the letter,the Riva tuner kept freezing the pc and refused to uninstall using regular uninstaller,I had to use Revo uninstaller

Evga on the other hand works fine, Thanks

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