Fps Spikes after Hard Factory Reset

  SnoopyThem 09:32 18 Jun 2019

I was having problems with my PC and so i decided that a factory reset is the easiest fix, it worked 2 other times so i figured it is going to work the third time. Shortly after the reset after installing every program i had (Steam and other programs like this) and i booted up a game and from a stable 120 fps i had on that game it suddenly drops to 1 fps at time and these spikes last for about 1-2 minutes and with about 4 minutes in between each spike. Im completely dumbfounded and dont know what to do. My PC is on the low end but even if, it did work normally before the initial spikes. Any help is apreciated...

  grumpy old man 11:33 01 Jul 2019

When was the last time you updated your g card driver , it has been documented that a few driver updates were faulty but nvidea say the faulty ones have been replaced.

Don't use the nvidea experience part of the driver software a lot of users say it causes lot of issues , I do driver updates manually and during installation I choose custom and untick the experience box , if you have it in add/remove get rid of it and its start up menu entry

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