FPS locked?

  Saleth 19:33 31 Jan 2015

Hi, I came here because I have a weird thing going on.

Somehow I cannot reach an FPS of 40. On any game. GW2, DA:O, Mass Effect 1 etc. Even vanilla TES4:Oblivion won't hit the forty. I've checked my CPU performance with another program. GW2 doesn't even use 50%. Even on lowest settings I get an FPS of 36. The same FPS on Ultra. AMD catalyst's FPS limiter should be disabled too.

CPU: Intel i5 4x2.8GHz

GPU: Radeon HD graphics 6870 2x (Crossfire)


Temperature: Always cold

Monitor: Benq G2220HD

What is causing this problem? I never really used this PC to it's full power. Thanks in advance! :D

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