acceptmyname 10:05 13 Dec 2008

I am a noob and wanted to know if my Sound card could effect my FPS.

  nufc2009 11:25 16 Dec 2008

i have a 1gb 8800gt, a brillian card, can play crysis very high will 2x AA, can run grid with 16x supersampling, witcher, call of duty, gta 4 you name it

also your processor is a factor in fps, especially when rendering aa

  acceptmyname 00:15 15 Dec 2008

i have actually decided to do away with the 8600gt and go qith one of the GFX that i have put link to but thanks for the advice mrwoohoo, which one would u go for

  mrwoowoo 00:10 15 Dec 2008

AA = Anti liasing.
Nothing wrong with a constant 50-90FPS.If that's right then the game should be playing smoothly.
Are you Vista or xp?And what processor do you have?
If your motherboard is sli enabled then you can run two 8600gt's together.

  acceptmyname 19:48 14 Dec 2008

ok so i was thinking of these graphics cards,

click here
click here
click here

  acceptmyname 18:09 14 Dec 2008

still too much dude i have a toal budget of around £120 that includes memory.

Could i run 2 GFX cards at the same time

  citadel 17:53 14 Dec 2008

you can get a ati 4830 for £97 which still good. put it on you xmas wish list.

  acceptmyname 14:35 14 Dec 2008

To be honest I have just played COD4 with my settings down to the lowest and it made it worse my FPS was down to 50-90 constant.

I will be ordering some new memory asap but do you guys think a new GFX card in my price range is also a good idea.

  acceptmyname 13:52 14 Dec 2008

LOL i would love to spend that much on a GFX card but I have a wedding coming up so I was looking for something a little bit in the £50-£70 price range nad then just adding it along side my GT8600.

  citadel 13:42 14 Dec 2008

definitly more memory fisrt, then a ati 4850 for a card.

  acceptmyname 13:27 14 Dec 2008

do you think if i add another GFX card it would solve the problem and if i do would i have to add the GFX card as I have now.

Also would some more memory help, I have 1gb now but was thinking of upgrading to 2gb.

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