acceptmyname 10:05 13 Dec 2008

I am a noob and wanted to know if my Sound card could effect my FPS.

  The Brigadier 15:35 13 Dec 2008

Doubt it?
Whats your sound card?

  IClaudio 16:55 13 Dec 2008

Yes, your sound card can indeed affect your fps (I assume you mean Frames Per Second, rather than First Person Shooter) - there's always been issues with soundcard drivers, for example, and if you've selected High Quality audio in the game's Settings, your rig may not be able to cope.

  IClaudio 16:56 13 Dec 2008

oh, OK...

  acceptmyname 19:14 13 Dec 2008

thanks for anwsering,

my issue is i play COD4 and have my frames per secondshowing in the top right corner and it runs at around 90 - 200 but when there is a lot of sound (like a airstrike or lots of people shooting in the same area) myy fps can sometimes drop to around 15 fps, so this is why i was thinking it is my sound card.

my sound at the moment is just what i bought the pc with.

Realtek hd audio
?GFX card - nvidia GT8600

  mrwoowoo 00:51 14 Dec 2008

Don't think it's your sound card.
It could cause crashes but not alter the FPS.
The framerate dropping to around 15 because there is a lot of on screen action/visuals at the times you mention which at high settings the 8600gt will struggle with.Obviously more action means more sound but that's a red herring.
Lower the game settings a bit and certainly turn off AA if you have it on.
I had the 8600gt and i played it at med/high with no AA and it was fairly smooth,dropping to around 25FPS if i remember right.

  acceptmyname 13:23 14 Dec 2008

As mentioned in my 1st post I am noob so what is AA.

Thanks to all for helping me out

  acceptmyname 13:27 14 Dec 2008

do you think if i add another GFX card it would solve the problem and if i do would i have to add the GFX card as I have now.

Also would some more memory help, I have 1gb now but was thinking of upgrading to 2gb.

  citadel 13:42 14 Dec 2008

definitly more memory fisrt, then a ati 4850 for a card.

  acceptmyname 13:52 14 Dec 2008

LOL i would love to spend that much on a GFX card but I have a wedding coming up so I was looking for something a little bit in the £50-£70 price range nad then just adding it along side my GT8600.

  acceptmyname 14:35 14 Dec 2008

To be honest I have just played COD4 with my settings down to the lowest and it made it worse my FPS was down to 50-90 constant.

I will be ordering some new memory asap but do you guys think a new GFX card in my price range is also a good idea.

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