First time gaming PC buy/build

  Jordanmayes20 15:19 07 Aug 2017

Hey there, I'm looking to buy/build my first ever gaming PC. I'm trying to teach myself the most important bits but have only managed to drown myself in information. Unfortunately I don't really know what all the technical terms mean. Realistically I'm only looking for a few certain abilities from the PC, mainly capabilities such as being able to play LSPDFR, online gaming and games such as PUBG and beamNG drive. Obviously I want good FPS and graphics, but I am on a budget of about £1000-£1500. Any advice is greatly appreciated and I really hope to get gaming soon. Jordan

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:22 07 Aug 2017
  Forum Editor 19:09 07 Aug 2017

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  Old Deuteronomy 20:17 07 Aug 2017

If you don't know what you are doing, buy ready built. Wait until you have learnt a lot more and are confident you know what to do, before you try self building.

  Forum Editor 15:42 10 Aug 2017

I agree with the others - making a gaming machine your first self-build project can be a bit challenging. The company that Fruit Bat /\0/\ has linked to builds excellent gaming machines, and has a very good reputation.

You'll get something pretty good for your budget, but don't forget to leave enough over for a decent monitor.

  Menzie 20:57 10 Aug 2017

I fully endorse the buying a pre-built machine advice.

When I built my first PC it wasn't easy. Of course back then there were dip switches for adjusting CPU and memory frequency which is all electronic today.

Although easier than ever it still requires careful handling of the components and reduces the chance of losing money on a product due to damage during installation.

Although a custom build is nice going pre-built has the following advantages:

  1. Anything goes wrong you have a single point of contact and one warranty to worry about. Turnaround time for repairs are usually quicker than it takes for a component to be sent back, examined and a replacement sent out with individual component manufacturers.

  2. All the components have been tested and will work well together.

  3. If bought from a company that uses regular high quality components you can always upgrade at a later date with newer components.

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