First Time Gaming Build. Performance Issue

  reidmarsh 20:10 06 Nov 2013

Hi so i first time built a new gaming pc, i spent around £900 on it. The specs are as follows:

Power Supply - Corsair GS600 Motherboard - Gigabyte Z87HD3 Memory - 16GB RAM Storage - Samsung SSD 840 Series (250GB) - 2TB Mechanical Harddrive (forgot manufacturer) GPU - Geforce GTX760 CPU - Intel Core i5-4670k @ 3.40GHz Monitor - HP w2007 Wide LCD Monitor @59Hz (1680x1050) CPU Cooler Artic Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2: Case - Corsair 200R Carbide Series (Black)

I have been using it for two months or so and since the get go video games are jittery even with constant frames per second capped at 132 on games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2. Also playing game Black Mesa frames drop often to 50 ish in many situations but generally on Counter Strike the frames are consistent but still annoying jitter, feeling like i have skipped frames as its very obvious when i peek a corner and shoot then suddenly jump forward to my character being dead (hard 2 explain). Also in League of Legends the same problem is all the time excpet less severe as I assume less graphically demanding or somethnig. Constant 60fps but jittery visuals all the time. A friend told me it could be my internet but the same thing happens offline and I don't have any other idea. I am open to suggestions and can provide more information but basically just want to know what the issue could be, thanks.

  reidmarsh 20:13 06 Nov 2013

To add this "jitter" is very frustrating to play and is not minor, it feels like my frames are continually dropping all the time but using the "cl_showfps" command and in game net graphs show mostly consistent frames per second

  nickf 19:30 14 Nov 2013

Sounds like you are getting shearing / tearing problems . Try turning off the vsync on your graphics , see what happens , you may then get horrid horizontal breaks in the frame . This is caused by the screen refresh rate and the frame rate from your card not synchronising . I know NVIDIA have recently brought out programming called g sync , which eliminates he problem , but sadly you would need a new screen . Bit late now , but as a general rule when building a system I would always recommend spending approx the same on screen and GPU ( not taking into account any 'special' deals at the time )I can't help much more , but can only suggest 2 options . Try downloading the G Force experience program from NVIDIA, you ca use this to optimise your settings for each game , alternatively you could try manually doing it yourself . Good luck .

  reidmarsh 20:31 25 Nov 2013

thanks for the reply, when i installed my graphics card two of the golden pins on the g card snapped into the slot for the g card on the motherboard, would this correlate to my problem described?

  nickf 12:17 26 Nov 2013

This could cause all sorts of problems . I would strongly recommend removing the GPU , and try to remove broken pins .

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