Finding Out The Xbox 360 Controls

  DarthFuge 22:00 21 Dec 2014

How do I find out what the numbers and letters are for the Xbox 360 controller. I'm asking because I'm fed up using a keyboard and mouse for Minecraft (PC) and there's no gamer controller option. We can change the keyboard and mouse settings and I thought, if I can find out what number or letter is behind each button with the Xbox 360 controller, I can sync them to Minecraft to my chosen controls in the game and the game will still think I'm using a keyboard and mouse when I'm using an Xbox 360 controller. For example, with the controller, if the RT button has the letter "S" behind it and I prefer to use that button for placing blocks, I can change the build option to "S" and the game will think I'm press the "S" on my keyboard when I'm really press the RT button on my controller.

I don't need any software to get my controller working in my PC because I've done that. I only need to get some software that tells me what number or letter is behind each controller button.


  rdave13 23:37 21 Dec 2014
  DarthFuge 00:55 22 Dec 2014

Many thanks.

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