Finally caught a player cheating

  KEITH 1955 17:59 19 Jan 2019

As you know I have written before about players cheating. For the past 2 years I have been using a certain game and know for a fact that some players are using cheats. I don't want to name the game in full except to say it has tanks in it. If I name it in full and this gets read I might get banned and I want to carry on using it.

Anyway , I see individual players get huge scores and but if I copy their load out I only get a "reasonable" score. In the dying seconds of a game I have seen the opposing teams score increase dramatically . I have used a bit of kit to make multiple screen shots so it looks like a story board to prove to makers that I am right.

On the games forum I posted proof but it was locked by a moderator so nobody could read it , I got a private email saying send a video ! Do they seriously expect users to video every game just in case you catch a cheat , I think my hard drive storage would go into melt down doing continuous video clips.

The only thing I can do is quit if I see a cheater as quitting loose less points than loosing the entire game.

The only good thing about cheats is that sometimes they might be in your own team , some players are very crafty , in case they get caught " certain things" only happen when they are loosing.

  Forum Editor 23:24 19 Jan 2019

These things are inevitable, and at the end of the day it's just a game.

  Menzie 03:50 20 Jan 2019

it's just a game

Sadly to some it doesn't seem to be entertainment. There are some out there who take their gaming very seriously.

To the point where they will have a high-end video card and CPU installed but still play the games at lower resolutions and settings to get as many frames per second as possible.

They also will not even entertain playing with someone if the other party doesn't have a certain speed of broadband or decent ping levels.

Some of what I've seen of online gaming makes me thankful that offline multiplayer games still exist.

  theDarkness 06:15 20 Jan 2019

Perhaps switch to a game where there is not so much rampant cheating and bias? Good luck :) ('will not even entertain playing with someone if the other party doesn't have a certain speed of broadband or decent ping levels' ..I've heard it all now)

  KEITH 1955 11:55 21 Jan 2019

I have been a gamer since 1982 , I use it as my hobby and an escape from all the problems that are happening in the real world. Not only are their cheaters in games , just like the local wide boy in real life , their are players that hate noobs so much if they met you in the street I think they would want to kill you for real.

Two and a half years ago I got a £3,000 custom built rig , I cashed in an insurance policy to treat myself to something I thought I would never have ( not bragging just sayin ) , the gtx 1080 had only just come out. During an online game somebody said " who has a cheepo set were all lagging " , whilst comparing specs with each other I made the mistake of typing I GOT A GTX1080 , the abuse I got for saying I got an £800 card was unbelievable and it carried on back in the main chatroom.

As the FE points out it is ONLY A GAME …. but when certain things happen !!!!!

Edited to remove unacceptable language - FE 23/01/19

  bird_with_beard 09:48 05 Feb 2019

Cheating is the thing I will never understand. Just, why do they do that? Gaming is having fun first of all, and cheats kill all the fun. And talking about locking threads - well, nowadays spam is everywhere, so moderators just want to avoid spamming, aren't they? Even if you're not a spammer. And that is a pity.

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