a few tips for re-installing

  KEITH 1955 13:48 23 Dec 2017

This is for newbies and experienced users. Regardless of how you sort out your pc when something bad happens its almost certain you will loose something vital or forget something.

I use prntscrn , paint and the snipping tool to make printouts of my desktop , I also make printouts of various opened folders in case I forget the contents or layout.

I got fed up using faulty blank disks for backups so I have separate flash drives for photos/document's/videos and various other items. Never leave a flash drive in your pc if you don't intend using it because if a "nasty" gets on your pc without you knowing about it you could plug it into a clean install and trash all the time you spent sorting it out.

Whenever I download something I always save an unused version of it to a flash drive , you will be surprised how much time you can save when re-installing software. When downloading something NEVER use sites that you can download anything you want ... you know who they are ... ALWAYS use the software makers own site.

keep a record of email addresses and passwords you use for games companies , it can sometimes be very difficult to get back a game you paid for because when you try to re-install some games you are told that account already exists... yes I know its you but you now have to convince the game maker your genuine and if your lucky they will send you a special link so you can reclaim your account and game progress.

Steam games are easy to reinstall because all you need to do is re-install the client. You MUST use the same email/password and login name. once the interface opens you will see all your games greyed out ready to reinstall AND you wont have to start the game over , all the progress from your previous install will be downloaded.

None steam games save points..... when I have competed a game or used it for a long time I make copies of saved games files , these can be found in either "my documents" or the games individual files. When you reinstall the game you might have to do 1 save to generate a saved game folder. Once the game has made the folder open it and delete the contents and then drag and drop your old saves contents.

Some of you may think this article is a waste of time but somebody who has just bought their first pc might find it of help.

Finally ... a merry xmas to all who read this and don't use or try to fix something on your pc if you have had too much to drink or you might be doing a re-install the next day.

62 year old grumpy old geek says cheers.

  Menzie 14:20 23 Dec 2017

As a side note for the Steam games, on most modern titles Steam also backs up the saves to the cloud now automatically. So with the newer games just reinstalling under your account will have the client fetch the saves for you.

It's one of the neat little things they implemented quite recently.

If you have a download cap on your internet then get an external hard drive and back up the Steam games too. Steam has this feature, that way all you'll have to download is any updates.

  Forum Editor 15:35 23 Dec 2017

This seems more appropriate to the Games forum, so I am going to move it from Tech Helproom now.

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