far cry2,crashed,i can't play this game anymore

  habs2habs 14:01 31 May 2010

hi everyone

please i need your help with far cry 2 game for pc.

I have:
windows 7 home premium
1GB sapphire Vapor-x graphic card(up to date files)
direct x 11
windows up to date(up to date)
intel quad core Q6600

The problem is:

I was playing the game last weekend

the game was running perfectly well no problem at all,then suddenly the game froze ,and crashed completely,without any reason.

I had to re-start my pc from the case,tried to play the game again,it froze again,and again.

today 29/5/2010, i tried to play the game,when i double click on the icon in the desktop, just in the beginning, the screen of the game start up than immediately

disappear,now i can't play the game at all,i really love this game so much

I (right clicked) on the icon>play as administrator> again the screen of the game disappear

kindly can you please help me solving this problem,and be able to play the game again

i really really love this game

Please do not tell me to uninstall and reinstall the game,as i don't want to start the missions from the beginning

I hope to hear from you very soon

My kindest regards

  Devil Fish 15:09 31 May 2010

have you tried it in safe mode right click icon play far cry 2 in safe mode

  gengiscant 19:21 31 May 2010

If you go and find the save folder for Far Cry 2 and copy them and place them somewhere else, you can then uninstall then reinstall the game. Once done, copy back your save folder and hopefully you will have your game back. Do not forget to install any patches for the game.

  defendor 15:52 01 Jun 2010

I agree with gengiscant.. Nice tips!

  habs2habs 07:19 02 Jun 2010

hi everyone

i would like to thank you for all your reply,i appreciated it so much.

i will uninstall than reinstall far cry2 on weekend.

because i come late from work,will let you know with the result,on the weekend.

have a very nice days all
my kindest regards

  gengiscant 08:39 02 Jun 2010

You should find the save folder here.
C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Crytek\Far Cry\Profiles\player\default\savegames

  habs2habs 18:28 06 Jun 2010

Hi everyone

following my previous thread to you about my problem with far cry2.

I uninstalled and than reinstalled farcry2,in the end it says installation finished successfully

I updated all the patches,tried to play the game,nothing worked,the same things as before happened,still can't play the game,the screen keeps disappearing.

i followed all the previous reply from you,nothing worked

please help me solving this problem as i like this game so much.

I hope to hear from you very soon

My kindest regards

  IClaudio 00:09 07 Jun 2010

Could this be an overheating problem (although your card is a cool runner...)? Do you run other games successfully? What happens if you turn down the graphics?

  gengiscant 05:28 07 Jun 2010

I read a post somewhere, that said go from DX10 to DX9.
You could also try this.
There's a patch for Ati Catalyst Driver Hotfix, get it here,click here

  habs2habs 07:17 07 Jun 2010

hi everyone

again i would like to thank you again for your quick reply.

Yes i played Halo,combat evolved.successfully,and call of duty4 modern warfare,no problem at all.

i can't go to the main screen of farcry2,to be able to lower down the graphic settings.

i will run the hotfix for farcry2,hopefully this will solve my problem

i will let you know with all the result later.

have a very lovlely days all of you

my kindest regards

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