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Far Cry 3 Console UK keyboard

  iscanut 20:19 15 Jul 2015

Can anyone tell me how to get the console up in Far Cry 3 ( PC ). The tilde key does not work as I think this is for US keyboards only, so I need to know what the key is for UK keyboards.

  iscanut 21:17 24 Jul 2015

Thanks Dave,sorry to reply late but have been away. Don,t have the receiver but thanks for trying.

  iscanut 12:00 25 Jul 2015

Only have a mouse attached. Thanks anyway for your interest.

  Devil Fish 00:53 26 Jul 2015

try key top left just above tab

  iscanut 10:54 26 Jul 2015

Tried that. Used to use that with Doom and Half Life, but no good with Far Cry. Thanks anyway.

  iscanut 12:56 06 Aug 2015

Have been told by support that console not available in legit version, only in cracked versions so will have to give up.

  Gordon Freeman 17:23 06 Aug 2015

Get Far Cry 4, better than FC3 anyway.

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