Far Cry 3

  ordep 11:56 02 Oct 2012

Good price for Far Cry 3 with out all the tat that can come with it.


  KRONOS the First 11:47 04 Oct 2012

Great find,just ordered it.

  highQ 17:22 20 Oct 2012

20 euro its a good price for far cry 3..

  highQ 17:30 20 Oct 2012

sorry for double posting (i cant edit my post) i have serch battlefield 3 for my big brother and i find it for good price http://www.giftsngames.com/gift/257/battlefield-3-game

  ordep 19:50 08 Dec 2012

Any one playing it yet. Its taken me a while to get into it but, now that I am, its bloody marvelouss!

  hzhzhzhz 23:49 08 Dec 2012

I've been trying for a week to get into it but failed to do so.

  jonasmarsh621 06:59 18 Dec 2012

Great find on the Battlefield 3. Would definitely go for it if that price stays until christmas.

  hzhzhzhz 00:49 25 Dec 2012

ordep Well I persevered and now loving it. It gets better and better.


  Vain 08:52 26 Dec 2012

Nice find and thanks for sharing. Definitely cheaper than most places I've seen.

  jennam 07:44 27 Dec 2012

I saw Far Cry 3 for €22. I think it's very good price. I found online store Go2Arena

1: http://www.go2arena.com and they have really nice offer now :P

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