far cry 2

  citadel 16:58 24 Sep 2008

The first review is in from the reliable pc gamer mag.
it's beautiful,free roaming,utterly absorbing
it's not a linear shooter, a prescribed story, going to let you go
score 94.
rec spec, core 2 duo,8600gts,2g ram

  Totally-braindead 22:36 25 Sep 2008

Looking forward to it.

  Marko797 10:35 07 Oct 2008

when this is coming out in the UK?

  retep888 13:23 07 Oct 2008
  Marko797 13:31 07 Oct 2008

cheers for that...not long to go now then :)

  citadel 20:34 25 Oct 2008

bought it today at gamestation while in town £25
just played tutorial and now on a mission, looks good, getting killed a lot.

  morgueman 15:51 27 Oct 2008

Was thinking of getting this, or masybe dead space, is there multiplayer with Far Cry 2?

  Marko797 11:55 04 Nov 2008

and I must be honest, I'm quite disappointed with the game in general, and don't think it's even as good as FC1. It runs fine on my machine, and have most setting on High.

Whilst the grafs are good, I still feel they are not as good or as 'lush' as FC1, and to some extent are a little 'cardboardy'. Even the characters look poorly developed and wooden.

Game play is a little annoying, especially the map aspect, and then the use of the Monacle, is particularly annoying, and frankly a bad idea, imho.

There's lot of 'visit here' 'visit there' 'backtracking' and already I'm growing tired of it, after just a couple of hours.

The sprint function is poor, but maybe this is trying to reflect the African heat aspect (can't run too fast for too long in this climate), or the fact that I have malaria, so can't sprint too far anyway.

There also seems to be no setting for Prone.

At the moment it seems like a poor RPG with a lot of messing about, rather than (what I expected) a good FPS.

Maybe I've been spoiled to some extent as I've been playing CoD4, and have come to FC2 off the back of it. In comparing the 2 games against each other, then FC2 just does not come up to the mark.

  mrwoowoo 16:55 04 Nov 2008

You do have to keep your Malaria in check with the Malaria tablets to enable you to sprint longer.
You can catch a bus at the bus stations apparently which makes the travelling around to different locations not so much of a chore.

  citadel 17:51 04 Nov 2008

I think the lighting in far cry 2 is great, sunrise and sunset for instance with the sunbeams flickering through the trees as you walk along.
there are some nice touches with wounded ai crawling to cover. also if the exit from the drivers door is blocked or the car lands upside down you auto exit at the other side. as far cry 1 was on a desert island it was more colourful and the water was clear.

  Rigga 22:33 04 Nov 2008

What irks me the most is the non persistent world, go through a check point with 3 enemy soldiers. burn the place to the ground, come back 5 mins later. and the same 3 enemies are there in a brand new checkpoint.

I thought things like that dies in the early 90's. :(

And I do agree with Marko797 it gets a bit repetitive.


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