fallout 3 question

  morgueman 09:52 27 Sep 2009

Hello all, just started playing this game and now my son wants to have a try. If he starts a new game with a new profile, will i lose all my saved games, auto and quicksave ones, i cant seem to find any info about that?
Thanks for any help with this,


  gengiscant 12:45 27 Sep 2009

Sorry morgueman,as far as I know you cannot have muliple profiles with Fallout 3, I am afraid you son will have to wait his turn, which If you do all the quwsts and explore everywhere could be a long wait.
I have downloaded some of the expansions and am still playing this game.I love it.

  morgueman 13:02 27 Sep 2009

Thanks for that gengiscant, thats what i thought! I've had this game for ages but i've only just started playing it this week and become addicted to it already!
One thing though, i've not done any updates on it at all, is it worth doing all the undates now or just leave it, would doing them now affect the game i'm in already?

  gengiscant 16:03 27 Sep 2009

Not sure what you mean by updates,if you mean the bug fixes etc ,just install them,I've never had a problem,except I seem to get more crashes to desktop after a couple of hors or so,but I think that is a problem with my twin 8800GT cards.I think I have overclocked them a bit to much.

Anyway install the updates and enjoy one of the best games ever made.

  morgueman 09:52 29 Sep 2009

Downloaded the fixes and the game hasent frozen yet! Also, managed to get my son playing and i've kept my game to! My pc is used by the whole family, so we have multiple windows profiles and my son just plays the game on his profile and i play on mine, that way we can both play the game without losing any saved games, etc!

  gengiscant 10:40 29 Sep 2009

Well done,I should have thought of that solution myself.
If you have any further questions about the game feel free to ask.I have played it,this is my 4th time, and I'm still finding new things to do/kill.Enjoy.

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