Fallout 3

  iqs 15:44 02 Jul 2008

Never heard of the Fallout series,are the previous versions worth a look?

Seen screen shots of the PC version,looks good

  citadel 19:57 02 Jul 2008

I haven't played fallout but you can get fallout2 for about a fiver, this works on xp. from reviews it seems the graphics are not up to much but the gameplay is so good you forget about them.

  mrwoowoo 23:41 02 Jul 2008

Fall out 2 (as citadel says) has great reviews but is an RPG. So as long as you like those sort of games,it may be worth a look.
click here
Fallout 3 on the other hand is more of a shooter/RPG which is more appealing to me and looks very promising.
Time will tell.

  kalignorgna 15:37 03 Jul 2008

just to point out that I'm a hardcore RGP player so I know what I'm talkin about. the first fallout was rubish the gameplay just dident work at all for example you start the game in you undergound home then enter a cave a sort wile latter and o look rats (by this point you have both a gun and melee weapon) so of corse you shoot the rat with the gun and miss every time and in that time the rat is next to your corpes (yes it is realy that bad) didn't bother with the secend one but read the reviews and played the demo and all in all not much better then one apart from improved graphics

  kalignorgna 10:20 09 Jul 2008

looked at the screenshots for this the other day and it looks damm good might end out being a 18 though as in one screenshot a guys head is blown apart with wat is lickley a shotgun. the graphics are fantastic (Gears of war like) and the combat system looks intresting still unsure if its still gana be a Trun based and i hope not since i don't think a trun based system will work with what ive seen so far

  citadel 19:38 21 Jul 2008

there is a gameplay trailer over at you tube, looks good and 100 hours of play in the game.

  iqs 21:48 21 Jul 2008

good from the videos on you tube,cheers all

  gazzaho 17:57 22 Jul 2008

I had one of the Fallout games, I think it was the second and if I remember correctly kalignorgna the start of the the game bugged me too and I was going to quit playing it just like you did. But because at the time I had no other games to play I persevered with it and ended up finishing, and thoroughly enjoying it. I think it ended in a nucular bunker, it was a few years ago so I'm not too sure now.

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