Experts create videogames museum

  peter99co 15:44 28 Sep 2008

The collection will be officially opened at the GameCity festival in Nottingham on 30 October.

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  Forum Editor 18:58 28 Sep 2008

a great idea.

  GRIDD 20:02 28 Sep 2008

worth £22,000,000,000
............That's a lot of money spent on games.

Considering I've spent over £1,000 this year on gaming I'm not surprised. Lots of jobs and other industries thrive on the games market too. I'm almost certing HD gaming is what drove the sales in HDTV panels.

  GRIDD 20:03 28 Sep 2008

certing = certain (sorry, wife nagging me)

Think I'll visit the museum on my own.

  grey george 22:10 29 Sep 2008

Doesn't say if you will be able play the games or just look at the old kit. I wonder how many games have already been lost forever. Anyone still got a copy of Purple Turtles, Blue Max, Lesuire Suite Larry, Elite or Hover Bover? With the Commodor 64 you used to store them on cassette tapes, anyone still got a few lurking in a draw some where?

  Coltch 16:12 30 Sep 2008

I have quite a few original C64 software in a box in the cupboard (both 5 1/4 disks and tapes, also Simon's BASIC and International Soccer on cartridge), wish I could still play them on a real C64 as mine has now gone belly up!

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