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early access on games are becoming a joke.

  mrgrumpy 17:31 01 Aug 2019

I have always been in favour of doing my bit to help a game developer sort bugs , in fact I was the first person to complete crystal rift on pc because I got hooked on it a I just wanted to see it bug free. I exchanged patches even on Christmas morning many years ago , after I identified the last bug near the end I did a full run through and completed the game. That's how I know I was the first to finish it.

Over the past few years gamers seem to give early access to users as an excuse for sloppy programming , example , a door opens , you get an update and guess what no door.

Over the past week I have got rid of 3 games that were early access. New frontier , I walk around the game world and that's all I could do. Designer curse locked doors and not a key it site. Plague world , my type of game BUT I had to give up on it , every time they added a bit items changed location or doors that open to another room suddenly go "green screen" and crash. Every time a player complained about something they say delete all saves and start again. How many games have you used where you have been told to delete saves and start from the beginning , me ! never.

  Belatucadrus 18:00 01 Aug 2019

I once bought a game from Currys, it was a sort of French TombRaider copy. It was the buggiest pile of doo doo I've ever come across. At one point when getting on a train the character got stuck in the door, had to restart and her default mode was to keep pausing and looking behind her, even in combat ! This could not be overridden and led to her being killed in nearly every challenge. I may still have it stuck in a box somewhere but I can't remember what it was called and I'm not going to waste time digging it out.

On the plus side it was part of a multi buy with MDK which I really enjoyed.

  Forum Editor 18:04 01 Aug 2019

Moved to the Games forum from Speakers Corner.

  mrgrumpy 18:33 01 Aug 2019

Hi Fe Was not if i should have posted on speakers corner or games

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