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  harps1h 22:06 08 Oct 2008

EA have as you may or may not know, have released their latest iteration in the Fifa series. Having been an avid Fifa supporter over the last 7 years I went out nad bought the the 09 game. I wish I hadn't wasted my time!
The game is unplayable due to a nimber of controller issues which it appears they are choosing to ignore. On the EA forums there are a lot of angry people who are having the same issues as I am and they all have different controllers. It seems the problem is in a file called "devdat" which contains the data for controllers in a numerical format. THis information includes the button allocation and analogue stick controls. Due to these inaccuracies, the game is unplayable as they players run away in a different direction to the one the pad is pointed at and the ball goes away in another direction.
At this moment EA have chosen to ignore the issue and have not even issued a statement or put up a thread to say if they are dealing with the issue. Personally I have sent a tech note to their support team and still have no reply so at the moment I have £30 sitting in a drawer wasting away in a dvd case. Had it been any other consumer product I would have returned it to game where it was bought as unfit for purpose.
Now I know this should have been posted in the game section, but I placed it here to let other people see for themselves as it may be a case of buyer beware. Perhaps the Fe would care to look into thsi problem and ask if EA would like to make a comment to their paying public and perhaps place in the consumer watch

  harps1h 22:07 08 Oct 2008

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  harps1h 22:07 08 Oct 2008
  Si_L 23:21 08 Oct 2008
  Si_L 23:23 08 Oct 2008

Why don't you take it back to the shop? I took a PC game back to Morrisons because it didn't work on my PC and they were cool with it, no questions asked, just gave the refund.

  harps1h 00:05 09 Oct 2008

I'm sorry to say after sveral years of fifa I have to agree with. With this patch the game is workin fine, but PES is a winner.

Morrison; because it is a PC game there would be no exchange as the wrapper is off. they would maintain that it was up to me to make sure the computer is up to spec, as it is. its just EA have a crap attitude to debugging and possibly they wanted onto the market before PES was released. Only they know the answer there.

  Si_L 01:00 09 Oct 2008

Worth a try taking it back, like I said, they gave me no hassle taking my opened PC game back.

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