Doom 3 Revisited

  crosstrainer 07:08 10 Jul 2008

I haven't played doom 3 for a year or so, and had finished it about 5 or 6 times. Since no new games are around at the moment, I decided to have another go.

I installed it on my Phenom Vista gaming rig, and cranked everything to maximum. What a difference it makes....The colour and detail were great, and I'd forgotten just how big a game it is. Enjoyed it all over again.

Back to flight simx now though!

  Armchair 08:49 12 Jul 2008

mrwoowoo. I bought Quake 4 for £2.49, from Toys r Us. That was ages ago, though.

Btw, if anyone's interested, the Doom 3 expansion pack, Resurrection of Evil, is currently £2 in HMV.

  mrwoowoo 23:09 11 Jul 2008

A lot of people seem to say that they don't last long before being killed.That's the thing that puts me off giving it a go.I think i would get the right hump.)O:!

  Colin 21:28 11 Jul 2008

I've tried playing online but was pretty poor at it. If I lasted more than 5 seconds before getting obliterated, I thought I had done well!

  crosstrainer 06:15 11 Jul 2008

Quake 4 is my next port of call...If you like Doom, you will like Quake...Especially if you can get it for a fiver!

  mrwoowoo 22:35 10 Jul 2008

Ok,thanks for that,just in time.(O:!
Orf to have a look now.Do you play it online at all?

  Colin 22:31 10 Jul 2008

mrwoowoo - you can get Quake 4 for £4.99 at GAME. I bought it a few weeks ago after losing my original. I think it's far superior to Doom 3. Not so dark, more action, less console reading and listening to messages.

  mrwoowoo 22:20 10 Jul 2008

Just downloaded the Quake 4 demo and i love it.
It is very similar to Doom 3.No surprise since it's ID software.Made me jump a few times,and there's plenty of action which is good.
Just going to order it now.Can't be bad for about a tenner.(O:!
And who knows,if there are any online servers still running it,i may just make my first venture into online gaming, instead of just keep talking about it.

  mrwoowoo 19:58 10 Jul 2008

Are you psychic or what? You seem to have an eerie inside knowledge to the fact that I loved Prey. At least they tried to be a bit different,what with the room turning malarky.Made me a bit queezy at times,but gave you something different to think about.
Thanks for the Quake 4 info.
Now,lets turn off that webcam.

  Armchair 19:27 10 Jul 2008

Quake 4 is much better than Doom 3, imo. Much less fussy. Kind of like a '50s Robert Heinlein novel in game form. Yes, I dislike Doom 3.

Ps. I Don't like Prey, either.

  mrwoowoo 17:07 10 Jul 2008

5 or 6 times? Twice is all i can be bothered with, even with my favourite games.Still,i'm glad it's not only me that loved Doom 3,as most people on this forum have slated it.
That's the beauty of playing fairly old games though,being able to crank it up to how they are meant to be played.I might reinstall it myself now,Hmmm!
In a similar vein.
Quake 4.Never played it,but as it's very cheap now and has good reviews,i might get it and then play it all maxed out.How a game should be played.
Quake 4 recommendations or not, anyone?

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