do you play online?

  Awshum 13:04 15 Jan 2010

the reason i ask is to maybe help along donki's idea of starting a community. So just say which console (or pc if it's pc obviously) that you play online and the games. After that we can start exchanging gamertags and psnIDs if there's enough of one group.

  Awshum 13:07 15 Jan 2010

ps3 and my games that have online are gta4, burnout paradise, tekken 6, uncharted 2, little big planet, need for speed shift.

  Awshum 21:53 17 Jan 2010

No one?


  OTT_B 22:16 17 Jan 2010

MW2 on PC, not much else

  mrwoowoo 19:20 18 Jan 2010

My 15 year old son plays online on the PS3. His games are Uncharted 2 which he raves about. And COD MW2.
Strange. Didn't associate Uncharted 2 as an online game.

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