Do i need 32GB RAM for gaming?

  Frozensin 23:04 17 Apr 2014


In the next few months im going to be buying a custon built PC. Im mainly going to be using it for gaming and video editing. I looked and i can have 32gb ram and a Radeon R7 260X graphics card or 16gb ram and a Radeon R9 290 graphics card which is the 5th best graphics card out there i believe and is so much better than the R7.

click here i need 32gb ill be happy with the R7 but ive been looking online and most games dont even use 8gb ram and 16gb is enoguh for video editing. What are you thoughts? Will i need 32gb?



  Kevscar 05:47 18 Apr 2014

When I had an 8gb ram unit built everyone said you don't need that games will only ever use 2. I've just had a 32Gb unit built and the same people have said you don't need that games will only ever use 8. My first computer had 48K no one can tell the future

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:39 18 Apr 2014

At present you do not need 32GB for gaming but, that doesn't mean it won't be an advantage as new games come along, during the life of your machine. I have 16GB mainly because when I built my machine, 1 1/2 years ago, ram was cheap. Having more ram is also said to increase the life of SSDs as Windows will use the page-file less, reducing writes. I have to say that with 16GB, presumably more so with 32GB, no matter how much I have open, my PC never slows down.

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:42 18 Apr 2014

To add to the above, I would go with the more powerful graphics card and 16GB of ram. You can add more ram later, if you think your video editing needs it.

  Frozensin 14:50 18 Apr 2014

listen to this and then tell me what you think.

click here

  Frozensin 14:54 18 Apr 2014

Not sure if that link is working.

click here search AMD Radeon R9 290 - Full Stress Noise in youtube.

I dont know what do to xD


  Mr Mistoffelees 20:14 18 Apr 2014

"I dont know what do to xD"

I do, ignore the video. If you have a well ventilated case the graphics card fan will never run anywhere near maximum speed and the card will not be throttled as the fan is thermostatically controlled.

  Frozensin 21:06 18 Apr 2014

How do i know if the case i have chosen is well ventilated?

  rdave13 22:25 18 Apr 2014

We will never know until you state what case you've chosen. As you have decided not to name the mysterious case then use a search engine to find out the cooling factor of your case.

You could even deign to ask the manufacturers.

  nickf 11:38 20 Apr 2014

In a word , no . That's not to say you will never need it . I have gone for 2x8Gb , which leaves me two slots to upgrade at a later date . I think you would be better off with 16Gb of premium Ram than 32Gb of lower quality. Good luck .

  Menzie 14:13 22 Apr 2014

The vast majority of games out now are 32-Bit meaning that in theory 4GB is doable. I have 8GB in mine and my PC seems happy running a backup, downloading on Steam and running a game all at the same time without me noticing anything. Of course the 64-Bit games are getting more common and that may change soon.

I have a good case with plenty of cooling which is needed as my PC has 5 HDDs and an SSD to keep cool. AMD cards and CPUs can get warm but with proper ventilation and a good push pull system they'll stay cool and quiet.

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