Destiny 2 PC build advice for novice

  M_Jones 10:49 20 May 2017

Hi, I literally know very little when it comes to how PCs work but looking to have a PC that will have a smooth and reliable gaming experience. Here is my criteria: 1. i7 770 processor (or equivalent) 2. GTX 1080 graphics card (or equivalent) 3. Support for 4K (monitor and anything else) 4. Quality gaming keyboard and mouse 5. Glass sided PC case 6. PC Components to have similar colour- because I want it to look nice 7. Anything I've missed

Any recommendations and costs would be greatly received Many thanks,

M Jones

  Blazing_Boy 04:54 29 May 2017

What about buying any prebuilt gaming PC? Extreme GXI10180A is probably the one that you are looking for. It has I7 and GTX 1060. I browsed some reviews and found this one is interesting to see.

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