Desert island - which game?

  Si_L 22:50 13 Feb 2009

If I was stuck on a desert island, and had only one game, it would have to be COD4 (as long as there was an internet connection!).

What would yours be?

  gengiscant 07:28 14 Feb 2009

For me it would have to be Fallout 3,have played it three times now and still haven't discovered everything or yet to do all the quests.

  wolfie3000 10:04 14 Feb 2009

Halo and an internet connection.

  Bob The Blob 11:22 14 Feb 2009

Trackmania + internet connection.

  Si_L 14:05 14 Feb 2009

GTA IV would be my next choice.

Or maybe Spore, that would keep me warm for a few seconds!

  Armchair 14:15 14 Feb 2009

Robotron 2084.

Either in original arcade cabinet form, or via MAE with a 360 gamepad.

I'll NEVER tire of playing this game.

  Armchair 14:16 14 Feb 2009

MAE = MAME, btw! Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator.

  iqs 14:24 14 Feb 2009

Goldeneye for the N64,or my Spectrum 48k and all the games by Ultimate

  Armchair 14:39 14 Feb 2009

The only Speccy Ultimate games I can get any enjoyment out of nowadys are Cookie (should ahve become a proper arcade game!), and the occasional game of Sabre Wulf. The rest of them are mostly irritating. :-(

  iqs 14:49 14 Feb 2009

What about Atic Atac,Knight Lore ?

  Si_L 02:08 15 Feb 2009

Completely forgot about Goldeneye, that would definitely be a contender! What a game that was.

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