Dead Space 2 graphics problem

  Armaggedon89 13:47 18 Aug 2012

Hi everyone, I have Dead Space 2 PC game and I'm very annoyed because of it's graphics problem. First, I'm sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language. Because I'm familiar with asking for help (by me or someone else), I'll write my PC specs here first:

Intel CORE i5-480m

AMD Radeon HD 6370 with 1GB

6GB DDR3 RAM memory

I tried to play it, but I have really bad graphics in it (i mean the game). Here are some screenshots of the game.

There you go, I don't know what else can I do. I have the latest graphic drivers (I just finished playing Darksiders 2 and Max Payne 3 on highest settings, no problems at all), I was monitoring temperature of my CPU, it's about 65-80 during games, and I tried with modifying all graphic settings in game and in RadeonPro and CCC, restoring to default, and no, the game graphics stays intact.

Please, if anyone can and will, help. I want badly to play this game, but it seems that I'm not lucky enough.

Thanks in advance!

  KRONOS the First 16:03 18 Aug 2012

Try change configuration in Catalyst Control Centre in 3D menu: in all options set all to "Use applications settings".Also Enable Adaptive Anti-Aliasing.

By the way nothing wrong with your English.

  Armaggedon89 19:11 18 Aug 2012

Thanks. Already tried that with CCC, no change... And Adaptive AA, and mixing with that two, but no change. I can't even write here everything I did, but I tried, so I won't be wasting someone's time by making him post something I already tried :) I even found something about windows account, few people said it worked, but not for me...

  KRONOS the First 10:28 19 Aug 2012

I am sure I had a similar problem when I had a HD 6870 but I played this game so long ago that I cannot remember what I did to resolve it. I have a GTX 670 now so no point in reinstalling the game to see if I can recreate your problem.

Have you tried this?

  1. In order to ensure it works correctly you have to do a full uninstall of all ATI software (Via "Programs and Features" for win 7 or "Program Management" (in Xp/Vista - not 100% sure though)).

  2. You then need to boot into safemode (F8 during startup, and select safe mode or safe mode with networking) and do a full clean out of your drivers and literally wipe any trace of them off your computer (Anything with an ATI in its name). You will need a driver sweeper to do this, I used "Driver Cleaner.Net" but I suppose any free/purchased one will do the job though.

  3. Then restart your comp and load it up normally (don't worry if your resolution has been changed that will change back when we install the drivers again). Then download the new 11.1 Catalyst drivers or the new current version for your OS.

  4. Install the new drivers as you would normally and restart the comp after it has finished.

  Armaggedon89 21:40 19 Aug 2012

Firstly, I am very thankful because you're spending so much time trying to help me. And secondly, unfortunately I already tried that. Except for step 3, as I can't install Catalyst from AMD's site, but I must use driver from Asus support site, as I am using my Asus K52JT notebook PC. Nothing changed after that. Of course, resolution changed, then Windows installed microsoft's driver for VGA, and I tried to install Catalyst from AMD's website, but error message was something like "can't find supported hardware, contact your PC manufacturer", and as I said, I had to download ATI driver from ASUS support website named "ATI Catalyst driver update 28.10.2011". I'm starting to think that it would be best for me to uninstall game, but those thoughts make me very sad... Again, I'm sorry if I made some mistakes while writing my post.

  manoj9585 06:04 20 Aug 2012

I read this post and I really appreciate you all and thank you for sharing this information.

  KRONOS the First 08:50 20 Aug 2012

I did not realise that you were using a notebook PC but it should be able to handle Dead space 2 very well. But I have been looking at the drivers on the Asus website and they seem quite old. But I have found this which seems newer than the Asus ones.

  Armaggedon89 09:30 20 Aug 2012

Downloading driver now, will let you know if it's working with that install. Yes, sorry not to mention that I'm using notebook PC... But as you said, it should be able to handle Dead Space 2, after playing Crysis 2 with HighResolution texture pack, Max Payne 3 and Darksiders 2 with highest settings... It won't be cool if just Dead Space 2 can't work :)

  Armaggedon89 13:11 20 Aug 2012

Unfortunately, nothing. No change at all. Graphics the same, catalyst updated. I even tried by only updating catalyst and drivers directly, then tried the game. Later I booted up in safe mode, uninstalled everything related with ATI (AMD), used purchased to wipe everything, restarted, booted normally, installed only the version you provided, and start the game. Nothing changes. I won't post screenshots of it, because they're the same as in the first post...

  KRONOS the First 13:31 20 Aug 2012

I will come back on this problem I have emailed others and posted elsewhere.One thing though is it retail or the Steam version you have?

  KRONOS the First 13:42 20 Aug 2012

Have you tried un-installing the game and reinstalling as it might well be a corrupted file as the problem only seems to be happening with Isaac?

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