csgo massive frame rate drops

  KubelakK 19:06 17 Jan 2019

around 4 days ago I have formatted my PC until then it was working fine but i was noticing some of my games stuttering, so i decided to format it, after i have done that and installed csgo my frame rates have been dropping massively i went from ~200fps on medium settings to 80-130 on the lowest, I have been trying to fix this issue for the past 4 days, can someone please help me?

I have tried to see if the problem is linked with csgo, but RimWorld is running fine and even after reinstalling csgo nothing has changed.

My specs: GPU - GTX Nvidia 1060 3GB CPU - Intel core i5 7400 Ram - DDR4 8GB Memory - HDD 1TB OS - Windows 10

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