crysis, far too easy

  AL47 23:06 05 Jul 2008

ive beaten it on all levels and without saves except for the cheeck points, ace game but far too easy

seems to be true for alot of games

not civ 4 tho, that games impossible!

  crosstrainer 06:33 06 Jul 2008

You made it through the caves without getting killed? I've just finished it a second time, and the caves are still tough.

Big boss at the end is no picnic either!

  citadel 12:04 06 Jul 2008

I think cross platform games are made easy.
The original operation flashpoint was an example of a pc game that was hard, you could be killed by one bullet, no med kits, if you ran out of ammo you had to swop weapons with a dead enemy, you got one save on a mission apart by a couple of auto saves that were a long way apart.

  AL47 12:16 06 Jul 2008

yeah i did it on the hardest and only used the auto saves,

the cloak makes it soo easy imo, good concept tho, shame you dont use speed and strenght as much as the others

  mrwoowoo 17:34 06 Jul 2008

You're are indeed a gaming god.I bow before you.(O:!
Like crosstrainer,i really struggled in the caves and i mean really struggled.Mainly because i didn't know what on earth was going on. Mind you the rest of the game was around average difficulty(for me).

  AL47 18:03 06 Jul 2008

well thats strange cause the only game like this that ive played is tombraider

best weapon is that awesome futuristic sniper!

im just quite naturally good at hide and seek lol, just keep cloaked and hidden all the time, the sniping huts are the funnest as is the tank part!

  kalignorgna 08:25 26 Aug 2008

i think that the delta difficulty may be easyer then the hard difficulty. when first i got it started it on hard got to the satellite jammer died about 5 times, started an over game on deta and didn't die once although this may be because i had goten used to the mechanics of the game. using the cloak mode does make it far to easy as well i tend to run at people and cloak midway and they don't shot vry fun to do this with fists and just before you hit em change to strength oh and speed mode with duel pistols matrix style lol :0

  GaT7 16:55 26 Aug 2008

Try a more(?) difficult level using the 'Maximum Challenge' mod click here. G

  AL47 18:09 27 Aug 2008

have you tried it? has anyone?

  GaT7 20:56 29 Aug 2008

No AL47, I don't own the game (maybe next year when price has fallen & I've a good enough PC).

Why don't you give it a try & let us know if it's any good. G

  iqs 22:51 29 Aug 2008

I bought Crysis a few days ago for £19.99,its not easy,well I don't find it easy.

I'm still on the first level :-(

I have just destroyed the radar type vehicle on the beach,and now I'm on foot trying to get to the rendezvous(hope its spelt right) point .

I keep on running out of ammo..

Never mind,the battle continues......

ps,I like killing the chickens,well they look like chickens

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