is cpu unparking a feature of win 8 or directx 11/11.2

  hdbjhn 19:32 13 Dec 2013

I know windows 8/8.1 have better cpu management or people call it cpu core "unparking".At the same time it does also have support for directx 11.1/11.2.My doubt is whether the windows 8 ability to unpark cpu cores(better average fps on games) is by itself or it's is like a feature of directx 11.1(i heard directx 11.1 does not only bring graphic optimisation but also cpu optimisation=which i think would be windows 8' ability to unpark cpu core.So,pls help ladies or gentlemens.

My plan is to stick with windows 7 until windows 8 get completely stable as for windows 7 more than sufficient nor i need the features of windows 8/(note:i have tried windows 8).Microsoft recently announced that windows 7'll receives platform update(not service packs) which contains selective directx 11.1 features.Well,now i assume it is same/accordance to nvidia's gpu only supporting partial dx11.1 features.I hope this selective/partial directx 11.1 features contains those cpu optimisations((i think most of important bits for dx 11.1 gaming would be made available(that's the logic)+if cpu unparking is under dx's functionalitty,that should be made available as well.

  mrwoowoo 21:17 15 Dec 2013

Fairly sure it's an O/S feature. I have Windows 7, and have my cores unparked to play BF4. Seems to run smoother like this. I downloaded a programme to unpark my cores which is very simple to use. [unpark your cpu ]1

  mrwoowoo 21:25 15 Dec 2013

My work has blocked access to the download site. Just google "unpark cpu software" then download the one on coolerbag.

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