Could this MMORPG be the new Halo????

  wolfie3000 02:46 23 Jul 2008

Iv always Hated MMORPG's due to work doing things just to earn a little money but i have found one MMORPG that just blew me away.

Perfect world,

Iv been playing it now for two days and words cant express how fantastic this game is,
The interface is well layed out and intuitive, The locations are stunningly beautiful and there is a huge array of things to do.

With most games like this you have to take weeks to get anywhere in the game and thats what puts me off them but with this game its easy to play you earn alot for not much work and everything is cheap.

To give an example in 2 days iv earned 23,000 in gold and most weapons in game cost around 250 in gold so you can buy alot for little work.

Most MMORPG games when you start everyone looks the same, the same clothes characters and so on but with Perfect world you can customize your character so much that no one looks the same in game, (iv yet to see anyone in the game who looks like my character).

As i said in the thread title this could be my new Halo, as the story of the game is so engrossing you get lost in the fantasy totally.

Iv only been playing for 2 days and my character even has a backstory.

His name is Shadenfox, he was abandoned in the town of Cambridge (Yeah i know lol) now he travels around searching for for his parents and to seek the truth of his abandonment,

My Character,
click here

Heres a video of the game,
click here

I can guarantee within a few hours of playing you will lose yourself in the whole fantasy of this world.

I cant praise the game makers highly enough for this game and the best part ITS TOTALLY FREE!!!

The official website,
click here

The client download (Warning its around 2GB)
click here

I do recommend downloading it from fileplanet with there download manager, just register download the download manager and then the game.
Also i recommend downloading the patches separately instead of through the game, the patches are on the official website.

Alternatively you can download the game though a torrent on there site.

If people want to find me in game im usually in the town of cambridge or in the starting city trading weapons.
Im usually in game in the evenings.

  wolfie3000 05:33 30 Jul 2008

Im surprised i haven't got any responses to this thread, come on guys its one of the best games iv played and its free,

If you don't like MMORPG's then that's cool, maybe you can offer a similar game that you found for free and would like to share with the rest of us??

  bstb3 21:49 30 Jul 2008

sounds like it is worth a look Wolfie. Once I get the client downloaded I will fire it up for a nose around but thats probably a while away yet (damn work).

I used to play MMO's a lot (too much probably) and really got into them but I got my fingers badly burnt with the SWG NGE affair (long story but there's plenty about it on the web) and have been kind of put off from investing time in the genre since.

Its free though, and if advancement etc isnt too time consuming then I could get into it. Do you get the feeling that the devs behind it are long term? I worry if its free quite whats in it for them to keep it up, other than as an advert for their dev skills to the paying development houses.

  Esc4p3 12:23 31 Jul 2008

I noticed that there is a site up as well, looks like they are launching soon in another region.

Is the game easy to learn?

  wolfie3000 16:47 31 Jul 2008

Well if you never played a MMORPG game before it can be a little tricky to learn but after around 20 minutes or so it gets pretty easy.

  Esc4p3 15:45 20 Aug 2008

I have downloaded and installed the game and created an account. But when I fire up the game, it does not accept my account details. Any idea wolfie?

  wolfie3000 21:24 20 Aug 2008

Maybe its because there are updates,

Go to the official site and download and install all the updates.
Also when setting up an account the website only seems to work in internet explorer.

  wolfie3000 01:27 21 Aug 2008

Also if any new players need help on quests then just yellow envelope me with your level and character name ingame,
Also the city of where your based, (Feather city, city of vanishing, Cambridge, Sword city) if you not sure which city you are in press M while ingame to get your location.

Also im willing to gather any stuff you may need (Fat, soulstones, weapons, armour, gravel or quest items)

Level 15 or lower only please.

Mt ingame name is Jonahdark so just add me as a friend im at the moment level 17 so any items or help you need in game just add me as a friend, im usually in game around 8pm till 4am or message me a time of when you need help.

i can also act as a guide and body guard if you need to travel across lands with large mobs.

im usually found at sword city but can travel to your location.
I also have healing magic if you are attacking mobs so no need to die trying to get 10 wolvine cubs.

  wolfie3000 01:38 21 Aug 2008

Heres the Perfect world map in full.

click here

Also theres lots of info about the game on the left hand side bar.

  Esc4p3 13:25 21 Aug 2008

When I first launched the game, it downloaded patches itself - are there more I need? I will try and have a look later (at work now). I do use IE7 (and Vista), the account seems to be OK.

I get the option of selecting a couple of servers in 'East' or 'West', does it matter?

  wolfie3000 14:14 21 Aug 2008

The servers are very important on which one you create your character on, i use oracle, so best to be on that one if you intend to meet me ingame or require any help from me.

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