Copying a profile to a default account in XP Pro

  BillySilly 23:03 10 Nov 2008

I have installed XP Pro with a single user. I have installed all my software, utilities and peripherals and have configured all of them and Windows.
Only then did I read that for protection when on the web you shouldn't log on as a user with Administrator priveleges. I also read that logging on as an Administrator I could copy a profile to the default user folder.
I then found I am not allowed to log on through my configured main account and copy it to the default user folder.
So I created another account with Administrator priveleges and thought I could log on through that and copy my configured profile to the default user folder. But I found that the default user is no longer listed in c:\Documents and Settings!

What I want to do is
Make my default user profile a copy of my configured account
Create an identical but Limited user profile for myself from the default account, which I could use to log on
Create 4 more limited accounts for other users.

I assume the original account will be still listed at the welcome screen as I cannot remove the last Administator user from this even though the password protected Administrator account still exists!

There really seems to be too many Catch 22s to this and I really don't want to start again by configuring the default user profile.

Could someone who has been there and done that help me out - please!

  BillySilly 12:03 11 Nov 2008

I have just noticed that the second Administrator I created doesn't isn't set to show system files, because I haven't yet changed the default user profile.
I have set it and I can see the default user profile - progress!
Found this useful post. If anyone has a better way for XP Pro let me know!
click here

  Forum Editor 18:33 11 Nov 2008

and I'm moving it to the Helproom.

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