controller delay on battery power

  Goawayplz1 15:00 05 Mar 2017

hi im using a asus rog laptop gl552vw-dm490t on windows 10 for first couple months i hadnt any issues apart from screen tearing to do with the nvidia card but now im running into imput delay when on battery life, what im meaning is my mouse movements and key strokes dont register for about 0.3 seconds which when gaming has a sizeable impact. its only a recent problem, and also running into slowing down and speeding up frames, as if the cpu is holding into frames to figgure out what to do with them, and then rushes the next ones to catch up to real time where im at.. it seems to be mostly hapenning when im playing steam games

ive gone through all my battery power options and all of them are at maximum, i hadnt changed any settings at the time this started, any help would be greatly appreciated thankyou

  Forum Editor 19:13 05 Mar 2017

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  Goawayplz1 05:43 06 Mar 2017

forum editor this isnt a gaming issue its a tech issue, nothing wrong with the games its something to do with power supply/ spread... checked battery report and yes its holding less charge than it should (40k/48k design at 100%) the output is still its designed value

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