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Control (new game) Opinions

  PhillyG76 01:56 01 Sep 2019

I’m quite interested in this game, mainly as I have a Nvidia RTX2080 gpu and want to exploit its capabilities. But also it seems to be third person. But is this game ideal for novice gamers? The only other games I have are Forza Horizon 4, and doing ok, although not keen on rally games. GTA V, flew through first three missions but stuck on one part. I bet if I leave it a while, next time I try I may do it first try. But I’m not patient or confident with intense games, was pleased how well I progressed in Forza though. So hoping Control isn’t too difficult. I kinda like games where you can explore, as If I become stuck I can wander around to reduce the stress, or live games, where you keep exploring and find a bizarre but simple way of getting past a section by taking a different approach. Can anyone recommend other games, I am a sucker for graphics. Not too keen on Assassins Creed games, felt it was bit drawn out, and hope that’s not the case with The Witcher 3(??). I hope GTA 6 comes out soon. But would love games like that or Forza where you Could buy add on maps. Eg Buy other cities to race around like Birmingham, Leeds or Bristol. In GTA other US cities. There could be so many possibilities. I’d love to have seen another Getaway game, that was main reason for getting a PS3 as they were showing concept demo’s when PS3 was being launched.

  Menzie 15:05 01 Sep 2019

I tend to not go for games that seem to just exist to show off the latest graphics craze. You have a Ray-Tracing capable card but even then there is quite the performance hit (2080ti apparently just about keeps things above 60fps).

As for the actual game itself; the reviews mostly seem positive but I would personally wait until the dust settles after end users actually start playing it.

There have been cases in the past where games get a glowing review. However once they end up in the wild nothing but issues come up. I remember a particular game that was actually pulled from sale after complaints about things being in a terrible state.

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