Considering building/buying a gaming PC - help!

  Beth1818 16:53 04 Jul 2018

Hi, I want to start live streaming gaming (fortnite, rocket league, etc.) however currently only have a Mac, which obviously can't handle it. I honestly know nothing about PC's so wouldn't know where to start building one. Does anyone know of any pre-built PC's that could handle this, or guide me towards the parts I need in order to build one. Thanks.

  Forum Editor 22:55 04 Jul 2018

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  dwayne22 13:28 06 Jul 2018

1- Good internet connection ( For online gaming) 2- GTX 1060 Ti Graphic card 3- I5 or I7 Processor 4- 6GB or 8GB Ram 5- 500GB + Hard drive

On These Specification you can easily play the above mentioned games

  KEITH 1955 16:53 06 Jul 2018

whilst forum rules say we are not allowed to give valuations on items to be sold , we are allowed to recommend a companies products so here goes.....

I bought my custom built rig from pc specialists , it works like this , first register with them so that you will be able to retrieve any proposed builds you have saved on their site.

you now proceed to the build my pc part of the website , the amount of money you have to spend will then determine which part of the site you use.

starting with the choice of tower , each component has a pull down tab with lots of individual items in it..... at the end of the build process you will obviously see the price and build time..... there build system will also flag up any mismatch or overkill such as too big a power supply or certain fans wont fit your case.

you will get more for your money than a certain high street shop because off the self pc's are built to a price for maximum profit.

write down how much the custom built pc will cost then google all the parts yourself..... if you are confident enough to build it yourself then go ahead.

if the custom built price and do it yourself price are near to each other I would recommend custom build because if components fail in a self build you could get into some awkward arguments as to what caused it.

  Forum Editor 17:10 06 Jul 2018

" the self pc's are built to a price for maximum profit."

Let's get real, shall we? All products are sold with profit in mind, whether they are complete computers or individual components and there's nothing wrong with that.

When you build your own machine you have the advantage of being able to customise it exactly as you want it, and of course you make a saving because your time comes free.

Ready-built machines - particularly those from large manufacturers, are far less likely to suffer from mis-matched components however, and of course the manufacturer will pay far less for those components than you will.

It's a case of horses for courses - if you want the satisfaction of putting your own computer together, go for it.

  albertswiley 13:49 08 Jul 2018

Check the Lenovo Y series laptops. Or consider other gaming laptops. I am using Lenovo Y50 since 2016 and I have played all the updated games of 2017-2018. However, I have just switched from Ram 8 to Ram 16.

  techblogger911 09:00 11 Jul 2018

I would like to agree with what Dwayne said, the specifications are decent for gaming at high-ultra on most of the games, if you have a lower budget then you can get a GTX 1050 ti 4GB OC edition, similar to GTX 1060 3GB.

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