Computer wouldn't turn on for a while

  eduniga 16:25 14 Feb 2019

Since 2 days ago, I was trying to overclock my gpu with MSI afterburner, I only changed the Clock to 150+ MHz, and the memory clock to 600+ MHz, didn't change the voltage core and left the power limit to the max. I performed a stress test for half and hour, later I started playing Apex Legends and things went smoothly. The next day I played Apex Legends again, had the game crash once, but still played a couple of matches. I stopped playing, later I was surfing around the web when suddenly I get BSOD with a message saying: Faulty Component Corrupted Page. The PC restarted, and as soon as it boot up to the windows desktop, the screen quickly faded to black. I tried to turn on the computer and suddenly nothing happened when I pressed the power button. I kept pressing it, nothing happened. After 20 minutes I pressed the power button and it boot up windows normally. My question is, was this caused by the overclock? I guess the obvious answer is yes but from what I've read, you should expect crashes/bsod and artifacts by overclocking the GPU, but I haven't read that you could have problems turning on your PC. Is this normal behavior for overclocking? As you can tell I'm new to this overclocking thing.

Specs: CPU: AMD FX 8350 with hyper evo 212x cooler RAM: 1 stick 8GB PNY RDD3 GPU: GTX 1050 ti MOBO: Gigabyte 970A-DS3P PSU:Corsair 750 Watt

  eduniga 19:03 14 Feb 2019

Alright thanks for the tip. Might try it sometime. But I'm probably too scared to try overclocking again after that incident XD.

  Jollyjohn 22:16 16 Feb 2019

Overheating? Try click here Speedfan to check temperatures

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