Complete build-I think I'm close, can you help me?

  Originalandawesome 00:33 18 May 2019

Hi guys,

I've read up on a lot of stuff last couple of weeks, but I admit I'm definitly not a pro. Good job or brutally honest, give me your best shot! Can you help me out?

click here a few thoughts behind the setup:

  • I based this around the ryzen CPU and the Samsung monitor (144 hz / 2k);
  • I picked the 2600 with after market cooler (together 160 bucks) over the 2600x with stock cooler (190 bucks) because of the price difference. I think I can (learn to) overclock to 2600x speeds;
  • Motherboard is nothing fancy, but still has overclocking features while being moderatly priced;
  • Ram is very expensive for my taste, but everywhere I go I keep reading you NEED 3200 mhz / 14 cas timings -> what's your verdict?;
  • SSD is not the best, but it's cheap, faster than a sata ssd and probably won't cause a bottleneck;
  • The video card is powerful, quiet, cool and power efficient, but most of all cheap. I got a good deal;
  • The tower is nothing special, just a mid range tower with mid range noise and thermals. I think it will do the job fine;
  • The keyboard and mouse I chose since I do like the RGB (my MoBo and graphic card also happen have RGB, why not make it a party?), but they still seem a bit down to earth -> not to flashy.

I'm not a FPS player (love Anno though!), I love the Samsung monitor and I'm currently thinking of stepping in to machine learning. Hence the RTX 2060.

Love to hear what you think! Cheers!


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