Combat flight sim

  inmymind 13:22 24 Dec 2008

Hi guys,

has anyone got any recommendations for a combat flight sim?


  wolfie3000 18:18 24 Dec 2008

One that comes to mind is Warbirds, although not free you can sign up for a free months trial to try it out,

click here

Other than that i cant really think of any good ones, there seems to be a general lack of good combat flight games.

  inmymind 19:30 24 Dec 2008

yeah, i had a quick look on amazon, but there didn't seem to be much on there. Played eurofighter a few years ago, which was ok, but not great. First one i ever played was F-15 strike eagle about 20 years ago!!

  mrwoowoo 19:54 24 Dec 2008

How about combat flight simulator 3 by Microsoft?
click here

  roddypoddy 10:19 25 Dec 2008

Il Sturmovik,a few years old now,il2 is supposed to be the best,google it,and see some reviews.

  realist 15:37 25 Dec 2008

Aces High
click here

  Jonathan314159 21:35 30 Dec 2008

It depends on what you want. Some are quite old, but still very good.

eg propeller planes (simpler systems but often more challenging to keep in the air) or modern jets (which tend to have more weapons and systems).

do you want a study type sim or a simple get in and fly type.

SimHQ has some good forums.

I might be a little out of date now, but highly rated jet sims are FalconAF (F16 figher, and probably the best study sim and with an excellent campaign), LOMAC (various jets, good graphics and a bit easier to get the hang of).

The IL2 series is probably market leader of the prop sims, and very good for online play. BOB2 (Battle of Britain) is an excellent prop sim, less well known and restricted to one theatre but has a good campaign element and strong following. The Microsoft CFS3 had poor reviews when it came out, but its quite fun and with add-ons is much improved.

  donki 10:46 31 Dec 2008

The first games I played on the PC were flight sims nad luved them. One that springs to mind was Strike Commander I think, could be wrong. It had video cut scenes and a real good plot, maybe more of an arcade flight sim but good non the less. Its the same with good driving sims, seem to be non exsistant. Guess we can thank the era of the mighty console.

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