Cold boot problem

  Brian Garlick 04:15 03 Mar 2011

Before I start please excuse the fact that Im a newbie.

Last year I decided to make the switch to pc gaming after many years of console gaming, simply because I really engoy the flexibility, pc, Mods, tweaks etc. Im big on Rpg games and so as you can imagine I have quite a library to look forward to playing.

I decided to buy a fairly decent pc.


i7 core 930
Rampage 2 extreme
HD 5970
8 Gigs of ram
750wt power supply

Not knowing much about how to set a gaming PC up I had a local pc shop do it for me.

Only ever since I got it I have had a cold boot Problem, from cold it take me about 2-5 resets before i finally get it to work usually stops when booting windows up, and when idle. Also the blue ray drive takes ages to recognize disks if at all. But once it does boot up and I start playing games it runs fine.

Have taken it back many times and the shop owner says its the programs i download, that sick of it i even reinstalled a clean installation to no avail.

Tried drivers Bios nearly everything.

Now back in the shop giving it another test to see weather the power supply if powerful enuogh.

Not sure what to do next if he comes back to me with another silly excuse. Any advice would be really appreciated, only I spent including accessories over 2 thousand euros.


  Brian Garlick 04:19 03 Mar 2011

Oh and sorry I do know how to spell Enjoy.

  gengiscant 08:47 03 Mar 2011

AS A builder myself, I would suggest that you are experiencing compatibility problems with your components. Although on the face of it all components suited for your motherboard should work together. quite often they will not.

I recently had a problem with the RAM I had installed and eventually bought and installed a new set of modules and has worked perfectly since.

You do not mention what programs the shop seems to think are causing the problem but if you have reinstalled Windows you can safely rule that out.

What exactly is the RAM you are using? Make/model?

Also make sure all cables are seated correctly, a small thing but has caught me out in the past. In fact make sure that all components are seated correctly.

You could also try booting with 1 ram module, see how the PC behaves then gradually increase by one module at a time, each time booting and noting the behavior.

  gengiscant 08:49 03 Mar 2011

PS: you have more than enough power from your PSU.
But what make/model is it?

  Brian Garlick 11:47 03 Mar 2011

Thanks guys for responding, as soon as i get the pc back, will list the memory etc.

  Brian Garlick 09:47 05 Mar 2011

My PC guy has just told me theres a problem with the graphics card, not sure why that would effect the blue ray drive though?

  gengiscant 10:26 05 Mar 2011

Its your graphics card that will produce the image,without a decent one you would be able to play the Blue-ray discs.

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