COD4 Multiplayer

  Rigga 17:53 29 Jun 2008

Anyone know any good multiplayer servers for beginners?

Have played online with other games I am just starting out with COD4 MP and don't want to ruin anyone else's game by going onto a high skill server and being crap :)


  [email protected] 20:09 29 Jun 2008

All the servers I have come across have been for players of all skills. It's just one of those things that people accept while playing and rarely causes any upset.

The best advice I can offer is to perhaps start with deathmatches or team deathmatches. Try to avoid servers with too many people playing though, especially for regular deathmatches as it becomes too chaotic to be enjoyable. It can become a challenge in itself to just survive for 15 seconds.

For deathmatches I usually play on servers with no more than 12 people, and for team deathmatches, no more than 20 people.

One you've become familiar with the maps and improved your rank, you may want to look at Search and Destroy matches. They are much more involved but once you die, you have to wait until the next round to respawn.

  crosstrainer 15:32 30 Jun 2008

You could host your own game, and specify beginners only...Try to choose a quiet server with fewer players on it.

Some of the online gaming is intense (particularly Flight Sim and the like)

The FEAR servers are not too bad, but I do tend to die quickly (:

  Rigga 20:25 30 Jun 2008

Thanks for the responses. I played a little last night as the wife is away for a few days.

I used to play counterstrike and was an average player. i.e. my kills used to equal my deaths mostly, towards the end of my playing it, it just seemed that most of the pub servers were full of people using hacks, which got kind of boring.

I did ok at my first few attempts with COD4, but as I'm not familiar with the maps it's quite difficult to play strategically. However I will persevere whenever I get the chance as it seems like a fairly good even multiplayer game, with few if any cheats.


  morgueman 09:43 01 Jul 2008

Dont worry about being no good at it, i'm not, my death/kills ratio is to embarrassing to mention, but i've found the more i've played the game the better i'm becoming, so its just a case of keep trying with it!

  Grambo 19:10 08 Jul 2008

Been putting off getting online with COD4 as i thought its been going for a while and i would be terrible blah blah blah. Jeeze i wish i had tried it weeks ago. It is amazing, and to be fair i get wasted pretty often but gradually holding my own. A few things im not sure of....which weapons are best, how to use perks but that will fall into place. Even called in air strike last night but i have stuck to free for all to gain experience the hard way. Any doubters just go for it (Bsheene7)

  kalignorgna 08:32 09 Jul 2008

gota say this is a brill game online. if u are just sartin out online ur startin weapons arn't as good as others but after a few maches u should be getin up in ranks a bit think i'm rank 16 or around now (only been playin a few weeks now) I think team deathmatch is better to start wich as death to kill ratio is a bit lower. try followin people for a wile and ur get used to most the maps

  AllThumbs 19:52 17 Aug 2008

Having been playing cod for a long time (as in cod1, UO, cod2 and now cod4) I'd suggest you just jump in. Don't worry too much about being bad. You could ask a server when you join whether ff is on. That way you'll know whether shooting your own players by accident will matter or not. (Team killing is a big no no and repeated or intentional acts of it will get you kicked and maybe even banned from some servers - best not done).

Some servers (like the one I play on) use reflective damage so if you shoot Bill who's on your side - you die. Not realistic but you soon learn to choose friend from foe.

If you play on a quiet server, firstly the chaos of the game won't overwhelm you, secondly you're more likely to be able to chat to players (being friendly on a server is smart as if people like you you're more likely to get invited into a clan).

Some servers run a community ts room (some just have ts for the clan). TS makes the game a lot more fun and it also makes teamwork more interesting.

If you want to have better weapons to start with look for servers running the AWE4 v2 PR (Power Rank) mod as this levels you up to 55 and gives you access to all weapons. Kind of puts everyone on a level playing field.

  DJfree33 21:40 21 Aug 2008

Don't worry about being less skilled and ruining other players game, we all have to start somewhere and i'm sure they were once in the same situation but how easy they forget, lol
I play Battlefeild 2 online alot and it takes a while to get used too, flying planes and helis takes time to master and anyone who has a go at u just tell to back off and tell um your learning.

Good luck soldier

  Rigga 11:14 22 Aug 2008

Thanks all for the advice and general support.

Unfortunately I will have little time for online play very shortly, we are expecting our first child in two weeks.

So I imagine it will be some time before I jump back in, you'll probably all be playing COD7 by then :)


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