crosstrainer 19:09 12 Jun 2008

Just finished a session, great game, great graphics, but why am I playing 2 people? Perhaps all will become clear later.

  mrwoowoo 20:57 13 Jun 2008

Perhaps you're schizophrenic. (O:!
My son said he was fed up with FPS'S as they were all the same.Soon changed his mind when he played this though.As myself he was impressed with the realism of it all(not only graphics) and also the modern warfare aspect.
He and i loved it.

  crosstrainer 05:50 14 Jun 2008

Yep, I agree, well into the game now! Those Damn dogs :((

  gengiscant 09:10 14 Jun 2008

Great Game.

  TopCat® 16:15 14 Jun 2008

I thought some of the missions seemed a little short in CoD4, but I agree that it's a rivetting game. Veteran status certainly was quite hard but I managed it through to the end. 'Died' many times though before completion!

I think I still prefer CoD2 though, and I was quite miffed when CoD3 went to consoles only. Fighting alongside the Russians in minus thirty degree Celsius conditions certainly concentrates the mind! :o)) TC.

  AllThumbs 12:33 19 Jun 2008

Don't ignore the multiplayer side of this game. I'll admit that the single player was the best I've experienced among the COD series, but it's the mp side of the game where things become intense.

If you like a fragfest then pick a crowded server (too crowded and it's basically team death match no matter what the gametype says it is). If you want some tactics though, pick a quiet server with just 3 or 4 aside.

Also, with the most recent 1.6 patch there were also released 4 new maps, and they're Very pretty.

I don't really feel that cod 4 relates much to cod2 or to cod1. The first cod was a game that required real skill to use the weapons accurately and though the graphics were kind of clunky it had a charm of its own. Cod2 was a totally different animal, not least because the skill factor dropped by a bucket load. Cod very pretty, and great fun, but I'm not sure how much skill is actually required.

  crosstrainer 14:19 19 Jun 2008

Don't think I'd play it online, have finished it now, are the new maps multiplayer only?

  bstb3 14:52 19 Jun 2008

Have to agree with allthumbs, I would have been done with COD4 about a week after buying it had it not been for the excellent multiplayer side of the game. I agree too its questionable how much skill is involved, the more people per map the less you need, particularly with some of the sillier perks available in multiplayer, such as Deep Impact (lets you shoot through walls) and allowing people 3 grenades. That said, a game of 5 a side requires much more skill.

The 4 new maps are only for the multiplayer and to be honest I havent been that impressed with them. The broadcast one (based in the same location as part of a early single player mission, the tv studio one) is pretty good as is Chinatown. The pretty Creek map is ridiculously one sided (just pick to play as Spetsnaz or face taking a hammering) and Killhouse, well, with the perks I mentioned above its pretty random rather than skill.

Great game though, the multiplayer is a different beast from the single player and worth a try. Steep learning curve to it but well worth it, even for someone like me with the reactions of a sloth.

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