COD World at War PC,have you bought it yet

  iqs 15:09 14 Nov 2008


Just wondering if you have bought COD War at War,is it any good.I have COD 2&4 both are superb games.Your opinions please

  morgueman 18:18 14 Nov 2008

Got the game today just havent had a chance to play the thing yet, still at work! Played the beta version, that was good, but will give the full game a try over the weekend, providing i can get to it before the kids do!

  grey george 20:46 14 Nov 2008

I've got the xbox 360 version and must say that so far it's not a patch on modern warfare. The boundaries are very restricive, your squad mates can go into areas you cannot. The documentation might as well not have been printed. I think this has been rushed out to catch the Xmas market and it shows. I find it hard to believe the team behind this could have played cod4 and then produced this. Unless your desperate for a new game I would wait until this one is discounted, and that shouldn't be that long.

  iqs 21:33 14 Nov 2008

Thanks for your help,cheers

  citadel 22:28 14 Nov 2008

infinity ward are probably working on cod6, could be the other lot are not as good.

  sooperhoops 22:54 15 Nov 2008

I bought it today on pc. Took 45 minutes to instal. It did not either make a start menu entry or a desktop icon to start the game. I reinserted the dvd to get the game to start and I got an error "Call of Duty WAW has stopped working."
I tried to restart the pc to get a message that windows can not start due to recently installed software causing a problem. The only way to get into windows was to insert my vista upgrade disc and use the repair windows option.
I reinstalled the game just in case it would work this time but encountered exactly the same as last time. Over the years I have had the odd game that wouldn't work properly but never one that actually broke windows.
Back to Game with it on Monday.

  iqs 13:11 16 Nov 2008

but will wait and see if other members experience similar problems

  morgueman 14:26 17 Nov 2008

Been playing the game over the weekend, thought it was good, it will be different from COD4 because of the setting and weapons, but enough to keep you occupied for awhile.
The multiplayer has alot more maps and are bigger than the beta, had no problem installing it, the only thing i havent been able to do is play the co-op, zombie modes, cant seem to get on those!
Makes a nice change from COD4, so worth it i think!

  grey george 20:37 17 Nov 2008

Well I’ve finished it and there’s only about 10 hours game play. I think this is due to fact that the controls are the same as cod4 so you do not need to learn a new style of play. The set up is very linear you have to follow the route laid out for you; you can’t even jump over things that are only knee high. But your squad mates and the enemy can. Your teammates also get in the way rather to often and they even push you out in to the line of fire. The grenade warning is often the same colour as the background so is hard to see. The next sequence is only activated when you pass a certain point so you can waste time shooting enemies who keep regenerating until you make a suicidal dash to start the next sequence. It’s very much like an interactive film where you have to stick to the script. As a war simulator it is probably very good, but as a game to be enjoyed or played for fun it is poor. The zombie fight, which is unlocked at the end, is more fun. As I said above I would wait for it to be discounted. Also and this may just be an Xbox 360 thing but in the later attack on the Reichstag the check points are not saved if you quit. This means you have to complete the whole operation in one sitting or else you will have to start at the beginning again and watch those very irritating cut scenes.

  BigRik 21:58 18 Nov 2008

My copy is on the way in the post. Based on what I've read here so far, I'm glad I've paid less than £30 for it! I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy it though, as I have all the CoD games to date.

I certainly hope its worth the l....o....n....g time its taking to download the patch!

  iqs 15:53 22 Nov 2008

Just bought COD,the poor soldier being tortured then killed,what a start....

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