CoD Modern Warfare 2

  ordep 11:50 14 Jun 2010

Just started this, must say a truly amazing game in all aspects. If you like this sort of game that is.
The only thing I have found is that I find it very intense, and there fore can only play for about 15-20 minutes at a time. The four runners of the game, and many other games I could think of, I could play for hours on end.

  gengiscant 12:07 14 Jun 2010

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is very similar experience, short but intense.

  cheap to fix 23:09 21 Jun 2010

just ordered bad company 2, I'll see how it plays

  ordep 07:48 22 Jun 2010

"just ordered bad company 2, I'll see how it plays"

Same here cheap to fix

  OTT_B 22:07 05 Jul 2010

I found the intensity the very reason why I could play it for hours on end!

The only thing I can't do is play multiplayer for hours without a break. Typically I only play 1 game and do something else (like peruse PC Advisor...guess what i've just been doing!?!).
Mostly the reason for taking regular breaks in multiplayer is that I'm not very good, so get frustrated with losing!

  IClaudio 13:53 20 Jul 2010

I've recently bought Bad Company and working through the single player, which is great! But when I go to Multiplayer, I find the server browser very difficult to negotiate - usually I get the message 'Can't find any games...' and then suddenly there is a list of servers and I have no idea how I stumbled across them!

Anyone else have trouble with it?

  IClaudio 18:48 21 Jul 2010

OK think I've got it...

The trick is not to select 'Play Now' in the MultiPlayer menu, but go for Servers... then 'Search'

Not exactly intuitive, tsk!

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