CoD Black Ops

  ordep 10:20 02 Feb 2011

Managed to get CoD Black Ops for £18 from Amazon but, its unplayable due to it being so choppy. After a quick search it appears its a common problem.
Shame it looked a good FPS

  OTT_B 17:50 02 Feb 2011

£18? Do you have a link?

  ordep 20:35 02 Feb 2011

I got mine from Warehouse Deals via Amazon. A quick search reveals there no longer there.
Nearest I could find was @ £24.99. Still better than full whack.
click here

  grey george 20:58 04 Feb 2011

Don't waste your money, it's hard to believe how bad this "game" is. You spend over 60% of the time watching cinematics, if your good at it this rises to closer to 75%. There are extremely irritating strobe and flashing effects during these cinematics. I would expect at least 80% content in any game this is little more than a low quality interactive DVD. Many of the cinematics cannot be skipped so replayability is close to zero. I don't play on line but from what I've read it's a poor experience, trading standards have been approached by the Gamers Voice web group because of the persistent glitches.

  OTT_B 21:37 04 Feb 2011

I've not ordered it, but if I do then it will be mostly for online play. It's a shame to hear about the poor online playability.
Has anyone had experience of this?

  AL47 01:01 05 Feb 2011

i didnt get this as i dont play online and the single player is really short

  ordep 07:53 05 Feb 2011

If you still want a punt at CoD Black Ops, send me nice £10 note & I'll send you my copy.

  OTT_B 11:46 05 Feb 2011

Or not.

  big bloke66 21:33 07 Feb 2011

well here`s my view for what its worth. I play black ops online via ps3 and i think its one of the best fps games out there imo.
However im inclined to agree about the short single player campaign.
I never had an issue with chopping and glitches but you`re probably talking about the pc version?.
As for the price it was a christmas gift

  STREETWORK 21:53 08 Feb 2011

you will need to update black Ops (Game Patches) also check that you have the latest sound card and graphic card drivers installed. The game will run better...

  IClaudio 22:46 08 Feb 2011

Black Ops multiplayer is fantastic. I haven't even looked at the Single Player...

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